QUICK INTRODUCTION / Strawberry Logger Application.

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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QUICK INTRODUCTION / Strawberry Logger ApplicationStrawberry Logger application is already created. Please see theWireframes_StrwberryLogs.pdf file to see how the application currently looks likeand to see which feature you need to add.Short description of the application is following. The purpose of the application is tocapture strawberry data in a mobile application that stores the data in a localdatabase. The app has fields to record data for each of five different strawberryvarieties to be investigated. If a strawberry type is selected, a page (fragment) isshown to add data entries for that strawberry type. An entry consists of strawberrydata. When the Save Log Entry button is pressed these values are saved locally inthe application in a SQLDatabase. When the Show Log Entries button is pressed arelated page (fragment) is shown that list all the date/time and strawberry entriesmade for that strawberry.The feature that needs to be added is following.When the Send all entries item inthe profile menu is selected, the data from the SQLDatabase database is composedinto an email, and sent using the built in mail app.The SQLDatabase database isthen cleared of all entries. Appropriate messages are to be sent during thisinteraction._______________________________________________________________Instructions for adding the new feature:Send all entriesThe Options Menu options stays as they are except for the Send all entries option.The Send all entries will be used for sending the strawberry database to theemployer and to clear the current database of any entries. If the OK button ispressed the DialogProgress class is used to send the email asynchronously in athread and will show the progress of the action.An email message is composed containing each strawberry’s log entries during theProgressDialog event using an Intent object and the built in Mail app. The usernamegiven in the preferences is to be contained on the first line of the email. Each date /time and Strawberry logger entry is put on its own line in the email, e.g.When the email is sent all the Strawberrylogger database entries are deleted.To test this feature send the email to yourself.Include a copy of any such emails in thedocuments you submit for the assignment.
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