R. S. Laramee, CSCM37, Data Visualization.

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R. S. Laramee, CSCM37, Data VisualizationAssignment Three–Flow Visualization“Extracting the Essentials”Robert S LarameeDecember 9, 20163.1 Summary of ConceptThe paper presents a detailed study on thetexture-based, unsteady flow visualizationon surfaces using two recent image spaceapproaches for vector fieldvisualization.These are Image Space Advection (ISA) andImage Based Flow Visualization for CurvedSurfaces (IBFVS), which are used forgenerating dense representations of time-dependent vector fields with high spatio-temporal correlation.Author has achieved fast frame properties byexploiting frame-to-frame coherency andgraphics hardware. The goal of the paper isto present a side-by-side comparison of thetwo approaches for texture synthesis ofunsteady flow on boundary surfaces. Thepaper also presents their strengths andweaknesses along with recommendations ontheir vast applications.3.2 ContributionsThe paper explicitly discusses the dense,texture-based, unsteady flow visualizationon surfaces that has remained an intangibleproblem since the introduction of texture-based flow visualization algorithmsthemselves. This has been done byprojecting the surface geometry with theirassociated vector field to image space andthen apply texturing. Additionally, the paperhas explicitly provided the characteristics ofthe approaches.A framework where the two selectedapproaches have been unified and comparedat the same time has been used contributingto the novelty of the paper.Figure1: Algorithm of ISA and IBFVS3.3 Related Work SummaryThis paper has been constructed on the basisof How to Read a Visualization ResearchPaper: Extracting the Essentials by Robert SLaramee (R.S. Laramee, 2011). The paper isbased on instructing the PhD researchers onhow to read a visualization research paper.The paper provides a detailed study on howto extract most important and criticalinformation from the previously publishedscientific conference or any other journal
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