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Work with other practitioners to support children and young people

Added on - 14 Jan 2021

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Page1R/601/8368:TDA 3.30: Work with other practitioners to support childrenand young adult:Credit value: 3This Workbook Covers the Following:TDA 3.26: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 3.2QuestionsAnswersL/OAssess/C1.1. Explain theimportance of multi-agency working andMulti agency and integrated working are the termswhich are focused on involving children and youngpeople in learning by meeting their holistic needs.1.1.1
Page1integrated working forsupporting childrenand young people.However, it is important for integrated working becauseit helps in considering all the factors of individuals suchas advice from health adviser on medication andinvolvement plans. Further, families helps the carecentre in deriving individual holistic needs as per theirbehaviour. Thus, integrated working is importantbecause it helps in maintaining effectiveness of rolesand responsibilities1.2. Identify theexternal agencies andprofessionals whocontribute tosupporting childrenand young people inthe setting.Medical adviserHealth professionalEducatorCare takerFamily or immediate guardiansSpeech and Language TherapistEducational Psychologist1.1.21.3. Explain the rolesand responsibilities ofother professionalswithin and external tothe setting that impacton own workingpractice.It is important for the workers to focus on commonassessment framework in order to enable safe workingpractices. However, it is the framework which preventshazardous practices in and care center. It focuses onanti social behavior, depression, violence, misuse ofsubstance, disability and educational needs ofindividuals at care center.Own practices are impacted by external involvementbecause it restricts development plans of people. Like,medical advises requires dietary modification,additional needs restricts inclusion, family interferencehinder growth etc.Thus, in accordance to this, it can be said that external01/01/03
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