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21294853RACE ETHNICITY AND POPULAR CULTURERace and ethnicity are the two interrelated concept of society which adversely affects ordevelops popular culture within society and community. Common cultural beliefs andconsiderations have been revolving around some specific race and ethnicity (Bolin and Kurt,2018). Effect of popular culture can be highly useful in promoting a social change This reportwill focus on some popular culture with the inclusion of race, ethnicity, and its impact on a socialchange promotion. This report will also lay emphasis on some popular organizational culture aspopular culture mainly consist of perspectives, ideas, artifices, images in the mainstream ofpresent culture. Some famous parts of popular culture can be race, community, people's attitude,profession etc. This assignment will also explain the effect of organizational culture their effecton their employees as well as on society. In this report some negative impacts of popular cultureon society will also be explained.How has popular culture been used to promote social change?Popular culture is mainly defined as the increasing interest of people or society in a specifiedregion or areas or values. It is mainly influenced by the beliefs of people regarding a particularculture, group of same community, thinking of other influential people.Popular culture may be different for different countries and geographical area and can be directlyrelated to the interests of population related to a specific ideology. It is a set of cultural beliefsthat would be affected by the relevant state of mind for people. Culture has a significant effect onthe society and can be highly effective for promoting any societal change. These societal changesreflect significant revolutionary alteration that have become significant part of the history. Therewere number of movements that has been contributed in social change in different parts of theworld. History has numerous of examples which supports the facts that every cultural or trendstend to have a significant impact on social change. Such actions of promoting social alterationswere highly affected by popular culture of that time period ( EHM., 2017 ). Social change can be derived and implemented by the involvement of different types of modelsand approaches.
21294853Organizational or corporate popular cultureFor example in terms of corporate businesses and organizations, the popular culture that iscontinuously developing in is to provision of equal rights for men and women, no genderdiscrimination or biases. This popular culture helps to promote a feeling of equality withinorganizations. It has provided enough support to build a shared and common approach to treatwomen and men equally. Apart from the inclusion of gender pay equality, global businesses aredeveloping functions of promoting equal rights to the disabled person as well. Many countriesare reluctant of giving equal rights to women within organizations ( Bolin and Kurtz., 2018 ). Forexample, as per the African corporate culture, women are not promoted or considered for leadinga team or opting for an executive position. For reducing the concept of ethnic, racediscrimination and governments has also laid down the emphasis on the provision for differentlegal frameworks that has altered organizational systems and beliefs.Apart from the context of corporate sector, there are other popular culture as well that arepersisting in society which highly promotes the need of social change ( Hannah Payne and et.al.,2015 ). For example, due to increased awareness, people are getting more open and participativein the discussions related to menstruation, AIDS, pregnancy. People have started promotingawareness related to issues elementary clinical issues. This changed and popular culture haveraised the quality of clinical care at global level and increased the medical quality. The culture ofmaintaining high of ethical practices have been increased due to increased awareness of serviceusers. Moreover, the culture of medical tourism has also been introduced, where patients fromdifferent race and ethnicity are treated equally. This developing culture in clinical or medicalsector have developed an effective model of social change for patients from different culturesand health carers as well.Similarly, another popular culture which is in trend are various campaigns run to increase theawareness regarding social crimes against women and female. Campaign such as “Me Toomovement” was introduced to reduce the number of crimes that are increasing against women. Itis also driving a change among females regarding raisin the voice against crimes. It has deliveredan idea of adopting an outspoken nature of women for different type of harassment that theyfaced ( Damaske, Bratter and Frech., 2017 ).
21294853In addition to this, due to this promoting culture the psychology of public is getting affected interms of increased participations, sensitivity for different religious beliefs and other similarcomponents of humanistic behaviour. Youths are becoming highly sensible in terms ofrespecting and engaging with people from different race and ethnicity. People are continuouslyparticipating. Another trend in culture which is continuously increasing among society is developing andpromoting minority group or community of countries. For examples the minority population ofAustralia, the aboriginal group and other communities are receiving high amount of support fromthe government and local bodies. Mainstream people of Australia have started accepting themand respects regional culture and languages. Similarly, America also have different range ofculture and ethnicity like beliefs of Native Americans are different to that of African, Hispanicand Asian Americans ( Malina., 2015 ). Due to increased cultural barriers, communities werefacing different severe issues like discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity and otherbeliefs. Due to the development of the laws like Civil Rights Act, 1964, a social change hasstarted to be introduced. Such type of social change has provided sufficient suitable frameworksfor a country to develop with uniformity and sustainability. Geographic origins of the people do not affect their relationships with peer groups due thechanging nature and views of their language and people from different cultural interests. Due tosuch type of connections, the awareness of different culture has been increased due to theseconnections. There are number of advancements that are being made by different sectors tofacilitate population with different ethnicity. Every sector is developing its services based on thelikings of various ethnicities and races. Ranging from corporate businesses to other sectors suchas clothing and other market sectors. Hospitality sector have also increasing its services withrespect to various racial and ethinitial concerns of the people from different countries ( Shresthaand Makaju., 2018 ). Due to increased culture of globalization, countries have increased their communication andrelations among one another. The system of diffusion and globalization have not only increased

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