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Essay on Racism in The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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Added on  2020-04-13

Essay on Racism in The Reluctant Fundamentalist

   Added on 2020-04-13

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1RACISM IN THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALISTThe essay discusses the theme of racism in The Reluctant Fundamentalist by MohsinHamid. In this novel, the author has powerfully yet constructively examines the US culture.He realizes the rapid change of life and records it in his novel.The article “We’re Sick of Racism, Literally” is written by Douglas Jacobs andpublished in 11the November, 2017 In The New York Times.This article focuses on the effect of discrimination on the basis of complexion andculture in America. It also records the negative effect of racism and discrimination on mentaland physical health of the victims.The main idea of the article that social and cultural discrimination affects anindividual’s behaviour is stated in Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist.As the author of the article has a medical background, the idea of discrimination isseen from a different perspective. discrimination associated with cultural background,religion, complexion and race can cause depression, affect mental health and people’sbehaviour. This is the reason why a man who was completely a New Yorker, goes back to hisown country and behaves like a true Muslim which he once hated. According to DouglasJacob, the perception of discrimination is closely linked with poor mental health wherepeople becomes depressed due to harassment. In Jacobs’ article an example of racism can be found where Estifanos Zerai-Misgun, ablack police officer greeted his superior, a white lieutenant and suffered an abusive remarkfor his black identity. Hamid’s book is written from a Pakistani point of view where theprotagonist also faces same kinds of derogatory comments for being a Muslim. People areignorant about the critical issues associated with their existence. The young generation alsoconsider these problems non-existent. Such as the human rights are incorporated inconstitutions and discrimination has been criminalised but only in documents.
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2RACISM IN THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALISTAccording to the article, though Mr. Zerai-Misgun and his black colleague were neverphysically harmed, the experience was same as Changez in Hamid’s text. Discernments ofdiscrimination like that the officers had experienced has close connection with the story. Justlike the author, the central character of the novel Changez was born in Pakistan. He entersNew York for the first time when gets enrolled in the college and interacts with the Americanculture. Gradually the global peace started to be hampered and the American perspectivetowards Muslims completely changed. They stated to behave different and believing that allMuslims were terrorists. At the airport, he had been detained, harassed even abused. Despitethe fact that he was a Pakistani, he was referred as an Arab and disturbed. There wasinferential racism. In this case the Muslims are granted as Arabs and the Americans feared tobe terrorists.As the article discusses the victims of discrimination suffers from fear and depressionthat led to ultimate hatred. From this feeling of fear and discomfort a crisis or conflictoriginated which is the chief focus of this essay. This ultimately resulted to division of theprofiled section who became aggressive and seeking their voice to be heard. thus, theyultimately end up in conflicts hoping that this would make their voices be heard. In the novel,Changez considered the police officers to be profoundly unfair as well as vicious. Therefore,he refused to submit during confrontation. The situation got worsen when he changes hisattitudes as well as behaviour to disguise his originality and gave impression as a foreigner inAmerica. unlike other immigrants who had been living in the USA during that period,Changez started to be discriminated against. His American dream was broken and he staredto criticize the systems of America. All those features that attracted young Changez in hiscollege life stared to mock and irritated him ( As the articlediscusses, not only the victims, but the believers of racism are affected by their ideology. Inthe novel, Erica is depressed due to the same reason. In order to overcome her depression, it
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