Rape and the Boxing Ring


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Mike Tyson’s has faced a conviction on rape charges in Indianapolis. He is known to be achampion in the areana of the sport of boxing, Still he has been charged of disrespecting thewomen and has violated the women’s rights. At one point Tyso is known to outscore with theopponents scoring a 5-1 odds against them and on the other hand, oen can see how Tyson issailing out from the rape charges and other related violation. The author is right when the Tysonplays he plays for the victory, but apart from wining the game he is also facing a distinct issueswhich are predominantly racial in nature as he is known to be an African American person. Hehas also been acquitted with the rape charges. Currently the environment is hostile to understandTyson personal issues and Tyson currently faced a narrow, conservative approach from theoutrageous defense as the rape victim has portrayed herself. It is primarily due to thepredicament (Seeliger). As the case is around the celebrity who is already facing an enormousfinancial resources, there is no point of negotiation or the escape trial as he is already beenportrayed as a criminal conviction.The author further highlights that an African American champion in boxing has been accused ofviolating the “women’s rights” and has to stand for a cause to oppose the system. He shouldoppose irrespective of facing a gender discrimination, biasedness in system due to the racial orthe ethinic background and should fight with the same boxing aggression. The rape chargeshave been applied with the verdict intent and it has a motive hidden to discriminate him as he isan African American boxer. There is more related to harm him and revenge from him. It shouldbe examined in the same manner when he is in ring and knocking his opponents and participantsand how actually he behaves when he is part of the team. This would be part of the civilizedsystem and it would be a humanitarian society, which would be equally to be expected with the1 | Page
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