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Website Design Proposal 1
The “Rare Books” Store Website Design Solution Proposal
Institutional Affiliations
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Website Design Proposal 2
The “Rare Books” Store Website Design Solution Proposal
“Rare Books” bookshop seeks a redesign of its existing simple HTML based website.
While the existing website has served the shop well since it has been providing relevant
information to its current and prospective clients, the excellent response and the inclined
population of its visitors, as well as changes in technology, demand a database driven website to
serve its clients. The “Rare Books” store, therefore, needs a unique modern content management
system CMS for the purpose of serving its customers and increase the productivity of the
Analysis of client’s needs and limitations
The “Rare Books” store needs a modern data-driven website to update its brand and for
data management on the web. The new web application will be built to reach out to the
prospective customers and the current clients of the “Rare Books”. Furthermore, the “Rare
Books” needs a website where data can be updated when needed by the “Rare Books” manager
without the need of regularly employing an IT expert. The “Rare Books” store has a lot to offer
to its clients, and this has generated a feeling that through superior design, I can convey dynamic
energy and diversity to all prospective as well as the current clients of the “Rare Books”.
Specific functionalities and features
Working in conjunction with Mr. Richards, a new fresh web design that can be navigated
easily and offer useful information to its subscribers will be done. The design will convey to its
potential clients that “Rare Books” is professional and can be reliable database driven website
(Antelman, 1999, pp. 176). The design will have the following features:
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Website Design Proposal 3
i. A platform for new customer registration.
ii. A database for customers.
iii. A discussion forum for registered users.
iv. A book review for registered users.
v. A database record for clients’ feedback.
vi. Upload and download data from a database.
Suggested platform (Content Management System CMS)
A robust Content Management System CMS will be the primary consideration in the
design phase. This will allow the “Rare Books” management team to easily make changes to the
website whenever required, without seeking additional software or more workstations (Del Real,
2013). The Content Management System will not only save “Rare Books” website revision cost
but also ensure that the website stays fresh and updated.
Content structure and navigation
The proposed website will have five to seven landing pages. The new design will have
landing pages hardwired into it, and their links will be placed at the horizontal menu bar at the
top of the page five pixels under “Rare Books” logo. There will be a left-hand column in every
page that the “Rare Books” will use for creating more links to as many more web pages as they
wish. As a result, the Content Management System CMS allows for the addition of as many
pages as possible including landing pages without incurring additional expenses.
Programming language and hosting structure
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