Re-engineering & Job Analysis

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Re-engineering & Job Analysis
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Re-engineering & Job Analysis
.Re-engineering & Job Analysis
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Re-engineering & Job Analysis
.As the economy grows, the behavior of customers, the business conditions, the
job requirements, etc. also changes. Many economists, scholars in the past have tried to
come up with the new ideas and principles to explain and help improve productivity.
Many of them have been so successful that they are often considered the “right way” of
doing business. That said, many have struggled to explain why some “used to be
successful” companies can fall behind so miserably.
What caused them lose their reign? This paper attempts to summarize the basic
ideas of Michael Hammer and James Chappy’s book: “Reengineering the Corporation” to
help readers have a new and fresh perspective of explaining what happened to the fallen
kings. As job analysis plays a major role in both classical theories as well as
reengineering process, this report starts with a brief discussion about it. In reading this
paper, readers might find that what used to be right in the past, may have been proved to
be inapplicable in a new working world. As the saying goes: “Past success does not
guarantee future performance”.
Re-engineering & Job Analysis
How Ford Reengineering
.This paragraph will give readers a general explanation of the re-engineering
process by taking Ford Corporation as a real case. After this case, readers will easily
understand about the re-engineering and job analysis. This is also the story about Ford
Company, which experiences the re-engineering process. Let’s find out how they do it.
Ford Motor Company is one of the largest corporation producing car in the world, one
day they realized that their material buying process is too complicated which wastes
many resources. In order to improve their process, Ford immediately carried out the
re-engineering process. The comparison will be made before and after the re-engineering
Firstly, whenever Ford wants to buy products or materials to run their business,
they have to send the invoice directly to the retailer to order the product. Simultaneously,
they send a copy of this invoice to the accounting department.
Secondly, when goods are distributed to Ford Company, the buyer will send a paper to
describe the goods they receive to the accounting department.
Re-engineering & Job Analysis
Moreover, the retailers sent a bill to the accounting department for payment. At
this time, accounting department has to check whether these three papers are correctly
matched to decide to receive the goods and pay the bill. This examination requires
accounting department work with more than 500 employees for a simple buying task.
Understand the situation, Ford has conducted re-engineering the buying process to reduce
wasted resources. Ford comes up with an idea with Data Bank application, so this is the
new process after they do a re-engineering.
Whenever Ford wants to buy the products or materials they will send the buying
code to the Data Bank to make orders. Then, when goods are coming, they will check
whether the goods are correctly matched with the code in the Data Bank. If matched, the
Data Bank will automatically send money to pay for the goods. If not, those goods will be
returned. This new process reduces a vast amount of workload, which is handled by the
accounting department. Instead of spending time on handling the three papers, the buyer
now can check the products and make an on-time decision. There are great improvements
for this process that reduce the numbers of employees in the accounting department from
500 to 125. This is the story about how Ford re-engineering their buying process. The
question is: what is actually a re-engineering process?
According to the book Human Resource Management (13th) of Garry Desler,
re-engineering is the consideration of re-engineers an organization or company of one
specific unit or the whole organization.
Re-engineering & Job Analysis
Reasons for Reengineering
.Reengineer can happen at every company, the decision to make or not to make
reengineering based on how the leader recognizes the position and foresee about what
can happen in the future. But we can decide the reasons why leader decides to re-engineer
into three main ideas:
Firstly, that the company does not work well, which mean that there is the
presence of non-value add activities, poor performance – bad result when comparing with
other competitors or the difficulty they have when scaling up and evaluating the result of
the process. After identifying a case of IBM re-engineering, we can see clearly how IBM
credit decides to re-engineer, their situation and the result after re-engineering which
reduce the time the process is needed for completing customer order.
Secondly, that the present result of company process is not bad when comparing
with others but the leader recognizes the situation and foresee direction of the company in
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