Ways to Reach Customers : Assignment

Added on - 03 Jun 2020

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1Reach to customersThe organisation should be aware of the methods and ways that whatmethods they can use for reaching till the customers. Whether it can be done bymeans of advertisements or by using a blog, Using these ways, an organisationcan reach till a huge number of customers.Low operational costs and better quality ofserviceOperational costs are considered as the expenses that areassociated with the functions of an organisation.If an organisation follows low operational costs and in thatonly, provides an efficient quality of service online, it canmake sure that the business can gain a wide range of theproductivity.Along with it, also can have much number of satisfiedcustomers.Easy way for customers to select product fromdifferent providersCustomers can select the products and services on the basisof two factors, either the quality or the price. If there are someproviders online that provides the both, that is a lower price and astandard quality, then the customer can go for the same.AIMS, THREATS OF SUPPLIERS AND RIVALRY AMONG EXISTING OF E-COMMERCEFaster buying/selling procedureWhile discussing about online websites, it is quite easy tofind for products for purchasing etc. because there you donot have to wait for a large queue, so the process can beconsidered as quite faster as compared to the offlineshopping.REFERENCESKeller, F. H., Daronco, E. L. and Cortimiglia, M., 2017. Strategic tools and businessmodeling in an information technology firm.Brazilian Journal of Operations &Production Management.14(3). pp.304-317.Easy access to marketCustomers want easy accessibility, which meansgetting the product very smoothly and easily afterordering it online because everyone wants theircomfort. So, the online website should make sure toprovide easy access for the customers
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