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2Readings of ModernityAccording to King, Cities and buildings are not only a reflection of social and cultural variablesbut represent power distribution. A city like Delhi came up due to political, economic and socialprocesses of colonialism. King provides an example of New and Old Delhi, which are in the same areabut very different due to the colonial influences to these towns. One side was dominated by Indians andthe other by the British hence, the structures, way of life and dressing are very different1.King also explains that buildings assist to maintain a society’s social forms over the years asdifferent forms of social organization are expressed on the ground in form of buildings. Colonialism is notonly a local, but global phenomenon. This can be demonstrated by the work of Amos Rapoport, who hasdone comparative studies across cultures to show how dwellings and settlements are related to culture.Building history mostly focused on materials and technology, which were used butarchitectural history looks at many different building styles and also puts into considerationsocial factors. This has greatly influenced the type of buildings, which come up even in themodern times. Responses to buildings by their occupants in relation to the current environmentsmust be looked at. Nicholas Pevsner, in his book History of Building types, explains howbuildings that have the same purpose take different forms in different societies. King howeverfeels that some of the studies are over-simplified in nature and deeper studies should be done todetermine how colonialism influences current spaces and society2.Goad and Willis, inThe Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture believe that there is agap in the written history of Australian architecture. The encyclopedia tries to fill this gap. Theyfeel that there are few studies, which have been done on Australian architecture3. In their book,Goad and Willis look at the indigenous beginnings of architecture to the colonial, modern and1King, Anthony D., ed.Buildings and society: Essays on the social development of the built environment. Routledge, 2003.2King, Anthony D., ed.Buildings and society: Essays on the social development of the built environment. Routledge, 2003.3Goad, Philip, and Julie Willis, Eds.The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture. Cambridge University Press, 2012.

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