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Readmissions Caused by Failures in Communication

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Added on  2020-02-18

Readmissions Caused by Failures in Communication

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Readmissions Caused by Failures in Communication_1
REDUCING READMISSIONS: 2IntroductionResearch has indicated that one out five hospitalizations in health care are followed by readmissions. 9 out of 10 of the readmissions are unplanned though 75% of the readmissions canbe prevented. The readmissions hurt the health care system as a result of high cost. The readmissions which are avoidable are caused by failures in communication and the entire processin health care. It is found out that almost 80% of the errors in medical care involve miscommunication during handoffs and patient transfers. It indicates that there is a need for accurate, timely and practical communication at discharge to enhance patient care and control wasteful spending.Reducing readmissionsThere is a great need for patients to be accountable for every patient after their discharge to reduce readmissions. Readmissions are costly and currently attracts fines which sum to more than 0.3% of health care base payments made to hospitals in the U.S.A (Hansen, et al. 2011). Health care institutions to engage patients after discharge and provide a care summary of transition. The care transitions to reduce readmissions are discussed below.i.Strong and interactive communicationHospitals should handle the transition of patient situations whether at home, nursing facility or any other location. Communication should not be focused only on clinical information because itis not sufficient for the family, post-acute provider or the patient for the keeping of track. For instance, the family must know the current medications and scheduled follow-up appointments. Information about medical history is necessary because a patient may, for example, skip follow-ups or be non-compliant to medical prescriptions.
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