Network Forensics Assignment - Real Time Analysis

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: REAL-TIME NETWORK FORENSIC ANALYSISReal-Time Network Forensic AnalysisName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthors note
REAL-TIME NETWORK FORENSIC ANALYSIS1Executive SummaryThe following report consist of discussion about the different tools that are available fordigital network forensic analysis. In addition to that the, impact of this technology on thecyber security and recommendations are described in the different sections of this report.
REAL-TIME NETWORK FORENSIC ANALYSIS2IntroductionAt present the organizational networks are often underconstant security threats.Digital forensic is all about interpreting and detecting the malicious electronic data in anyorganizations digital network. The main objective of this process is to protect any kind ofevidence in the most possible original form [4]. In addition to that the, it also helps inapplying structured investigation of the network through the collection, identification as wellas validating the available information in order to reconstructing any security breach orintrusion event.Following sections of this report consist of discussion about the real-time forensicanalysis, its impact on the performance of the organizations network. In addition to that, thereport contributes to the recommendations that will improve this technology in protecting thenetwork.Real Time forensic analysisIn case of the security breaches inside an organizational network, most of theseattacks goes undetected due to the lack of reporting of that incident.In the network forensic the initial phase to capture the data packets that aretransmitted inside an organizational network. After this stage the captured data packets or thedata streams are preserved that are being ordered according to the order of transmissionbetween the connection of two hosts at the transportation layer [3]. This process is called“Sessionizing". The connection of system stream – cleaning the captured data streamapplying filters to remove the unessential information from the transmission channel. The
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