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Real World CaseReimbursement rules require that the chargemaster drives a facility’s charges. To receivethe optimal reimbursement for services rendered, the chargemaster must be up-to-date and all-inclusive and must meet any payer rules and regulations.1.Your facility has decided to undergo a review of its chargemaster to ensure that it meetsthe above criteria. In addition to the comprehensive evaluation, one of the other objectives of theproject will be to institute the procedures to ensure that all additions, revisions, and deletionsmeet the chargemaster standards.See reference could the facility measure the success of the chargemaster review project?Which facility departments should be included on the project team? Describe the role andresponsibilities of each team member?Who would be the most appropriate project sponsor? Who are the project stakeholders?2.In a minimum of 250 words, explain how fee for service and capitation payment systemsaffect the physician’s role as the patient’s agent? Second, the move from cost-based payment forhospital services to payment on DRGs was expected to change hospital behavior. Discuss whatyou would have expected to observe as payment methods changed?
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