Recognition of Prior Learning Assignment

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CPPCLO3035Maintain cleaning storage areasTHIRDPARTYREPORTRPL PROCESS:Please read the following instructions before completing this form1.RPL applications are made using Application for RPL form. This form is designed to map the student’s education, training, life and workcompetencies to the elements required of the unit and collect the required evidence to prove thecompetencies. 2.The following sections of the form must be completed by the applicant:Element Mapping & EvidenceSkills Mapping & EvidenceKnowledge Mapping & EvidenceRequired Evidence MappingEvidence List3.Describe how you meet the stated criteria, skill or knowledge. Evidence is required for all elements, skills, knowledge and required evidence. Attach this evidence
CPPCLO3035Maintain cleaning storage areasTHIRDPARTYREPORTto this form and referto the attachments as“Attachment A”, Attachment B” etc.4.This form along with the required evidence is to be submitted directly to the assessor or to Frontier Training & Technology via mail to 735 Pascoe Vale Road VIC 3046 or via email to 5.6.An appointed assessor will assess the RPL application and the evidence provided. 7.The assessor will make an appointment to review the RPL application form and the evidence provided with the learner, gathering more evidence if required. The assessor will provide feedback to the learner on the outcome of the RPL application immediately. 8.If successful, a copy of the RPL applicationwill be stored with the student file and the RPL decision will be reflected on the training plan and
CPPCLO3035Maintain cleaning storage areasTHIRDPARTYREPORTstudent records.9.Students may use theComplaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure if dissatisfied with the outcome of the RPL application.Privacy StatementPersonal information is collected solely for the purpose of operating as a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Quality Training Framework administered by the Victorian Government who are the registering authority. The requirements of the registering authority may require the release of your personal informationfor the purposes of audit.Under the National Privacy Principles, you canaccess personal information held on you and you may request corrections to information that is incorrect or out of date.
CPPCLO3035Maintain cleaning storage areasTHIRDPARTYREPORTUnit:CPPCLO3035 - Maintain cleaning storage areas

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