The Recommendations on Enhancing Proper Development

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Jones Markmew,Land Surveyor,300 Grattan Street (corner of Royal Parade)Wallington, Victoria 3050Australia28thOctober 2017Jane Maywether,Building Planner,500 Yarra Boulevard,Wellington, Victoria, 3121AustraliaRE: Building Planner,Dear Madam,Hello Madam, I am writing this letter to present key findings which has been achieved from landsurvey of our client’s land which is located on Wallington area. This letter is to inform you onthe different aspects which can be used to enhance the development of the area considering thedifferent aspects. The recommendations on enhancing proper development are also provided onthis report to enhance safety of the construction and development of the land.One of the key aspects of the land is the bushfire management system. This aspect must bedeveloped and enhanced to ensure that control of bushfire is under control. The area in prone tobushfire and therefore proper management system is required to ensure that the control ofbushfire is enhanced. Bushfire calamities are some of the negative effects which this land hasbeen able to experience in the past. As the building planner, you are required to providemitigation measures of such calamities. The map number 12 is able to include the piece of landwhich lies on Hawkhurst. The mitigation as stated on the law must be provided on this sector toensure proper mitigation measures of such calamities in future. Enhancing this factor willincrease the safety of the structure and creating wellbeing for the people living in the area. Thearea need proper management overview which will be key to enhance the structure on the area.
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