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Running head: RECOVERY NURSING CARE PLANRecovery nursing care planName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1RECOVERY NURSING CARE PLANTable of ContentsHONO case score:2RFNP table:2References:15
2RECOVERY NURSING CARE PLANHONO case score:The diagnostic focus of the patient after the mental health assessments that have beendine for the patient point out a few key risk factors and care priorities of the patient, such asmood disturbance, dysfunctional grieving, a risk for self-directed violence, self-esteemdisturbance, self-care deficit, social isolation, an altered nutrition. Her HONOs scoresindicate at a few key contributors of her present health conditions. Among the given scoresthe highest care priorities of the patient include depressed mood (score 4), problems withactivities of daily living (4), and Problems with occupation and activities (4). According tothe DSM assessment and the HONOs scoring the presenting disorder of the patient is MajorDepressive Disorder (Moderate), single episode with peri-natal onset.RFNP table:ConsumersPriorityIdentifiedGoals/IssuesTheconsumer’sstrengths toaddresstheseissues.ConsumerandNursingInterventionsPerson/sResponsibleTimeframeRachellehad beensufferingfrom theonset ofextremelydepressedmood andhad beensufferingfrommorningIssue: risksforineffectivecoping in thepatient as aresult of thedepressionin the patientandinresponse tothe differentstressors thatIncollaboration with thecasemanagerthe patientunderconsiderationthepatient wasable todiscover theThepatient’sperceptionof thecurrentsituationshould beactivelylistened toandidentified.TheperceptionRachelle willactively take theresponsibility ofovercoming ownsenseofworthlessnessand will findpositivelyempoweringactivities for herdaily life.Thesuicidaltendencyrisk factorsofthepatient willbemeasuredfor every12-24hours.
3RECOVERY NURSING CARE PLANanxiety,breathlessness andhas beencrying allthroughout the day.Consumerpriority #4is associatedwithchildbirthandparenting inthe first fewmonths afterthechildbirth.Goal: aftertheimplementation of therecoveryfocussedcareplanning thepatient willbe able toverbalize thestresscausingissues andfeelings withthesignificantother andwill be ableto showsigns ofimprovement n the moodofthepatient afterthe care.HONOsscore 4followingstrengths:-Thepatient'sthinking isgoal-directed -She is abletorecognizethe need forhertoovercomethedepressionand be ableto care forherdaughter.-There is noevidence ofanyhallucinationsordelusions.-despitehaving asignificantwant forsuicide thepatent hadnot beenattemptingsuicide yet.-Rachelle isoriented totime, placeand person.-Rachelle’smemory atthe presentin intactand herjudgment isof thepatientwithrespect tothe currentsituationshould belistenedbecauseactivelisteningto theproblemswill helpin thebetterframing ofthenursingintervention. Nursingintervention is basedon the pastand thepresentconditionof thepatient.Thus, thepast andpresentconditionplay amajor rolein bettertreatmentand healthoutcomes.(Archer et al.,2012).The patientshould beencouraged toRachelle'shusband willhave to take theresponsibility ofkeepingherengagedinoptimizing andpositivelyengagingactivities andfind her strengthsto revert back tonormal happylifestyle again.The nursing casemanager willtaketheresponsibility ofcommunicatingwithpatienteffectively,discoveringdepressingtriggersandovercomeit(Beydoun et al.,2012).Apsychotherapeuticpractitionerwill take theresponsibilityof managingherantidepressantandcounsellingtherapies.ThepsychotherapistThe shiftfrom thedepressingmood anddisturbedthoughtprocessshould beanalyzedtwice tothrice aweek.As thepatientshifts backtoherpersonallife andrejoins withher familyherprogresshas to betracked ona dailybasis.
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