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RECRUIT, SELECT AND INDUCT STAFF2ASSESSMENT B – SHORT ANSWERSECTION 1: IDENTIFY RECRUITMENT NEEDSQ1:Who is responsible for planning and undertaking recruitment processes in most medium tolarge organisations?Human resource manager.Q2:List and explain three factors that can influence planning for your recruitment needs.1.Changing of business operations of a company to other production and operationmethods.2.Large scale production as a result of increased production require planning forrecruitment.3.Political and licensing regulations. There may be changes in legal framework influencedby the government thus influencing planning of my recruitment.Q3:List and explain three ways a business can monitor and predict service and efficiencylevels to ensure they are adequately staffed?1.Assessing reports of daily operations of the company on performance.2.Assessing performance on individual level so as to culminate a greater success at teamperformance.3.Holding frequent meetings so as to monitor the progress of the company by consideringkey performance indicators.Q4:What personnel or departments within the organisation might you need to consult withbefore commencing a recruitment process? Briefly explain why you need to consult with them.The department of human resource need to be consulted so as to determine the whether funds areavailable to recruit new staffs.Q5:Define the difference between part-time and casual employment arrangements.Part-time employment refers to employment arrangement that involves few hours per week ascompared to full-time employment that occupy many hours a week. Casual employment
RECRUIT, SELECT AND INDUCT STAFF3refers to employment arrangement which lack guarantee of hours of work since workersare engaged in irregular hours without annual leave.Q6:Why might an organisation choose to put an employee on as a part-time worker, ratherthan as a casual?If the employee is skilful but cannot fully engage to the company due to some othercommitments.Q7:Irrespective of the employment arrangement used by the company, it must abide by theNational Employment Standards. List four conditions included in these standards.1.There should be awards for workers.2.Employment contracts cannot provide for conditions less than normal national minimumwages.3.All employees are entitled to ten national employment standards.4.There should be fair pay and working conditions for workers.Q8:It is common practice for organisations to require staff to complete an employeerequisition form before commencing the recruitment process. What sort of information isincluded in an employee requisition?1.Terms of contract2.Recommended pay grade.3.Position recruited for a particular employee.4.Hiring manager.5.Department.6.Preferred start dates.7.Reason for recruitment.Q9:You are the manager of an outlet. Who might you need to seek approval for recruitmentfrom, within an organisation?The overall human resource manager from head office.Q10:What is the difference between a job description and a person (job) specification?
RECRUIT, SELECT AND INDUCT STAFF4Job description refers to internal document that spell out the requirements of a particular job,duties to be undertaken and skills needed for that job. Person job specification refers to a detaileddescription in terms of responsibilities and roles of and individual such as personality type,experience and skills to complete certain objectives.Q11:Briefly list four key points you should consider when writing a job description or personspecification.1.Job title.2.Specific responsibilities3.Qualifications4.Skills and knowledge.Q12:What information can you use to develop clear and concise selection criteria?1.How to choose a person for a particular task.2.The level of skills and experience of a particular individual.Q13:What are three customer service criteria you can incorporate into the selection criteria toensure their attitude and experience is the right fit for the job?1.Patience.2.Attentiveness3.Clear communication skillsSECTION 2: ADMINISTER RECRUITMENTQ14:What are three basic aims of equal employment opportunity legislation?1.Provide equal chances to all employees.2.To reduce the level of discrimination at workplace.3.To empower all workers in their process of execution of duties and responsibilities.Q15:What are ten examples of listed areas for discrimination commonly referred to as groundsfor discrimination?
RECRUIT, SELECT AND INDUCT STAFF51.Age2.Skin colour3.Gender4.Race5.Religion6.Political affiliation7.Disability8.Pregnancy and maternity discrimination.9.Marital status10.Family responsibilitiesQ16:List three benefits and two disadvantages of sourcing candidates from within theorganisation.Benefits1.Continuity of business operation easily.2.No training required.3.Very easy to adjust from one department to another.Disadvantages1.It is a form of nepotism.2.May limit the level of skills for a particular job.Q17:What factors affect the selection of a recruitment method?1.The size of an organization.2.Cost involved in recruitment process.3.Growth and expansion of a company.Q18:You need to hire a low-skilled, entry-level position. List three appropriate methods youcould use to source or recruit for this position. Briefly explain why they are appropriate.
RECRUIT, SELECT AND INDUCT STAFF61.Advertising the position for applicants to see. This will encourage the workers to apply.2.Ask for recommendation from other personnel. They may know such a person.3.Examine workers without working experience.Q19:In what situations is a company likely to use a recruitment agency? Briefly explain why.Where it is a legal formality so as to reduce cases of corruption in recruitment process.Where large number of workers are required so as to have smooth and efficient recruitmentprocess.Q20:List five features of a good job advertisement.1.Clarity of job description.2.Must indicate position applied for.3.Need to mention skills required.4.Need to mention education requirements.5.Need to indicate the pay range.Q21:An effective job advertisement should follow the acronym AIDA. Explain what AIDAstands for.A-awarenessI-interestD-desireA-actionQ22:Why would a company choose to have candidates apply in person rather than sending in arésumé?So as to assess the credibility of that person on terms of job engagement.Q23:How do you shortlist applicants?By cross checking will all the requirement indicated in job description. All those candidates whosatisfy the requirements of a particular job are shortlisted for interview schedules.
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