Recruitment and Hiring Practices Assignment

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Running Head: RECRUITMENTRecruitmentName of the StudentName of the OrganisationAuthor note
1RECRUITMENTChosen OrganizationDriven HR USAThe main hiring practice of this organization is talent verses experience. The HR teampicks talent over experience. The logic behind this is, raw and unexplored talent has somethingthat no one has tapped yet. The aura and fresh energy of the new blooming talent give thecompany a new boost.The organization uses an aptitude test in order to test the basic intelligence level of thecandidate. The test generally encompasses numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, diagrammatictest, mechanical reasoning test, inductive reasoning test, diagrammatic tests and situationaljudgments. All these tests help in ascertaining the logical thinking ability of the candidate. Thetests are usually multiple choice questions with closely aligned options.The aptitude test is indeed helpful it helps in gauging candidate’s suitability for the role.It gives a brief overview about the broad spectrum ability of the candidate in the grounds ofquick thinking, logical reasoning and ability to perform under pressure and who well he or she isversed with quick tricks(Daley, 2012).The overall hiring process generally encompasses looking for multitasking personnel, Aperson’s ability to communicate affective in business language, Test to ascertain the candidatesknowledge about the subject and how they can perform under the pressure and their dedicationtowards word. The structure of hiring process is indeed effective and it helps in recruiting thebest right person for the job.
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