Human Resource Management Process

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Running head: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONRecruitment and SelectionName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONAbstractThe purpose of the study is to explore the different factors of HR recruitment, employeeretention and job satisfaction. The study aim towards answering the various recruitment processalong with employee retention and job satisfaction.Literature reviewA.Human resource recruitment1.Factors leading to recruitmentAs commented by Kumari (2012), the various processes of recruitment and selection thebusiness organizations undertake for improved performance. The main focus of this paper is torecognize the basic recruitment and selection process the business organizations use for hiringthe right individuals thereby, determining the effectiveness of the method. According to thearticle, the recruitment and selection process along with methods based on the business structureand operations. The author has defined the recruitment process as the method of discovering theeligible and qualified candidates for the current job vacancy within the business organization byattracting the potential candidates.a.Internal factorsThe internal factors influencing recruitment includes recruitment policy, human resourceplanning, size of the firm, recruitment cost, growth, and expansion.b.External factors
2RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONThe external factors of recruitment includes labor market, competitors, supply anddemand, image of the company, rate of unemployment and political, social and legalenvironment.In the case of external recruitment, the HR recruits from outside the existing work forcethereby, incorporating fresh talents.Based on the requirement, the business organizations conduct both internal and externalrecruitment process. On the other hand, the selection process is defined as selecting thecandidates with most relevant qualification, experience and right skills for the businessorganizations. The human resource management has divided the entire selection process intovarious steps for selecting the right candidate. Thus, it can be said that the human resourcemanagement of the business organizations needs to emphasize on effective recruitment andselection process in order to hire the right individuals for the company by judging their skills,qualifications, experience and potentiality.2.Sources of recruitmenta.Internal recruitmentInternal recruitment is defined as the process of recruiting the within the existingworkforce based on the suitability of the current vacancy. This is a strategy undertakenby the human resource management for retaining the existing employees by proving themwith adequate career growth opportunities. This also saves the business organization theadditional costs of the entire recruitment process. Moreover, the HR are already aware ofthe capability of the employees thereby, ensuring achieving organizational goals andobjectives successfully (Leider et al. 2016).
3RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONb.External recruitmentOn the other hand, external recruitment is also a type of recruitment that the humanresource management undertakes for fulfilling the current vacancy from applicantsoutside the business. In this case, the human resource management has to bear theadditional expenses of the entire recruitment process that includes venue and snacks.However, external recruitment provides an opportunity for the human resourcemanagement to include fresh talent for their organization thereby, upgrading the workingculture of the firm.c.Impact of workplace flexibility on recruitment and selectionIn this article by Anandarajan, Simmers and D’Ovidio (2011), the authors havehighlighted the tension between the employers and the employees, as the employees use thepersonal web at the workplace. In order to mitigate the use of the personal web by theemployees, the employers have developed and implemented strategies regarding this matter. Theauthor has highlighted the issue that the employees use the personal web in the workplace thathampers the working environment. According to the human resource management, using thepersonal web at the workplace is against the ethics of workplace. According to the literaturereview, it can be said that the use of personal web at the workplace has increased over the yearsdue to increased demand for social media. The authors have used multidimensional scaling forcollecting data that included listing the personal web user behavior, generating similarity matrixand labeling the dimensions. The cluster analysis indicated the positive impact of using thepersonal web at the workplace while the rest of the studies have mainly highlighted the negativeimpact of the situation. It can be said that the tension between the employers and the employeesare still persisting, But the positives of using the personal web at work provide some relaxation
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