Recruitment and Selection Assignment

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Surname1Name:LecturerCourse:Date:Activity 1Effective job recruitment is essential as it assists an organization to compete for the limitedhuman resources. Therefore, to maximize this advantage, the organization must use a recruitingprocess that best chooses an employee that is qualified from the group of available candidates. Atfirst, the organization should identify the job opening, decide on the methods to fill the opening,identify the targeted population, notify the targeted population and finally meet with thecandidates for interview.An organization can identify the requirement to make an appointment by vacancy identity andevaluation. Through job evaluation, an organization is able to determine the skills and experiencethat is needed of its staffs so as to align its self with the set goals and initiatives.Activity 1.cGaining approval to fill a position is usually necessary as it makes it easy for both parties tocome to an agreement with the set terms and conditions including salaries and other jobconditions.I would advertise for an urgent job opportunity in form of a short-term contract. The job will bein terms of twelve months contract for one vacancy. Therefore, I would urge the suitablecandidates to apply as soon as possible in order to temporarily replace the employer.
Surname2Activity 2aDraw up a competency profile for your job, a colleague job, or another job you are familiar withwhich accurately reflect the role requirements. You must provide at least five competencies inyour profile and state the job profile has been written for.Competency profile is often created and used in Organisation to evaluate the candidates for aspecific job and establish a developmental plan for various employees based on a specificposition. Therefore, the following reflects my competency profile in my job position as a bankbranch manager.CompetencyExplanationAnalytical thinkingAlways in the forefront in interpreting, linkingand analyzing information in order tounderstand various issues affecting theorganizationClient focusAlways keen in identifying and responding tothe current and the future client needs. Inaddition, I provide excellent service to both theinternal and external clientsResult orientedThe main focus is always on the importantissues that lead towards achievement of qualityresultsTeamworkWorking collaboratively with fellowemployees to achieve a common goalCommunicationListening to others and communicating in aneffective manner that drives opencommunication
Surname3Activity 2bManager international bank: this job entails the management services of the international bank(IB) situated in Sydney. This kind of job requires a qualification in bachelor in businessadministration. In addition, the duties of the manager include supervising the daily activities,assigning employees workstations and ensuring the smooth running of the bank. Some of thequalities required for this job include good communication skills, team spirit, goal oriented,client focus and analytical thinking.2cConsultation with the relevant personnel is very important as it assists the employees to clarifyinformation that they don’t clearly understand such as duties and obligations.Activity 3aIt is important to consider to no discrimination and employment equity as legal frameworksbefore and when applying to job descriptions and advertisement.3bPeople with multiple skills in different work fields are often driven to a diverse workforce. Theirmain aim includes an increase in job productivity and competitive advantage. Variousindividuals with different backgrounds are capable of injecting new ideas in a workplace,therefore, offering more solutions to the customers, increasing the production. Diversityworkforce may consist of different factors such as social status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age,gender, personality, culture, and race (Alsbury et al.).
Surname4The event that marks the end of job description approval process is the physical examinationwhere the employee is assessed and familiarised with the job conditions.4a‘’VACANCY VACANCY VACANCY, the Coca Cola company is looking for a person to fill theposition for assistant branch manager, Australia. The applicant should be atleast a graduate inadministration with 5 year experience. Interested candidates are therefore encouraged to applybefore 5thNovember.’’Activity 4bOne of the best platforms that I can use to advertise my job is social networks as the world todayis composed of nearly all youths who are very active. An example is vacancy for a post in hotelmanagement.4cBy preferring to a male salesperson to female is a violation of legislative requirement. It isalways recommended that gender equality to prevail in recruitment process such as the salesrepresentative and therefore discrimination based on gender is a contravention.5aI would send an internal memo for the top position employees including the manager,stakeholders and the human resource departments and state clear my agenda regarding theadvertised job.Activity 5bList of questions that I might interview on my applicants include:-Have you ever worked in a coffee shop before?-What are your academic qualifications?-Do you know the required ethical conducts of an employee?
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