Campaign for Reducing Impact of Use of Plastic Bag on Environment

Added on - Nov 2019

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Environmental sustainability is the state in which environment met all the demands without affecting or reducing itscapacity to allow all individuals to live a healthy and happy life in present and future as well.Impact of Plastic BagsUses of plastic bags are affecting the sustainability of the environment by causing air pollution, water pollution,soil pollution, etcIncreasing death rate of marine wildlife is representing the impact of beach pollution over them due to plastic.Plastic bags impact directly and indirectly to the environment of the earth.Direct impact consists of physical harm by the marine debris by ingestion or entanglementIndirect impact includes marine debris cleanup which consequences to change ecological system.Benefits of the CampaignIt will reduce waste or pollution at streets, water and airReplacement of plastic bags from the degradable plastics leads to reduce the waste and do not contribute totoxic emissions or leaching.This plastic will help in increasing fossil fuels, pesticides, fertilizers, diesel, etc and will improve the conditionof land and soil.It will encourage shopping stores to stop using plastic bags or replace them by paper bags.It will also encourage people to take their own bags while shopping or doing daily routine work.CAMPAIGN FOR REDUCING IMPACT OF USE OF PLASTIC BAG ON THEENVIRONMENTSelected strategy for the campaign:The most suitable strategy used for maintaining the sustainability of the environment by reducing the uses of plasticbags is adoption of reusable bags. This will help in successful implementation of the campaign in Australia andPractical solutions for the positive change:Increase in use of reusable or paper bagsStop use of plastic bags or start charging for the bags in grocery or shopping centersReduce the plastic wastage on streets, near beaches and on agricultural landEncourage government to take strict actions for stopping the use of plastic bags.Increase awareness among the people of Australia and encouraging them to use alternative of plastic bags intheir daily activities
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