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Refection on “politically committed, morally engaged, and ethically groundedanthropology”I have never thought of any division but reading the content, I have got to know that thereare many different type of micro culture that exists in society. Knowingly or unknowingly peopleget into different type of groups and this makes them different from others. By reflecting uponarticle from Using Anthropology, I have to understand about the different type of micro culturethat exists in society. The area of study is done for the American society. At the first paragraph of the page, there is information provided about the type of studythat is done by anthropologists. Author has focused explaining the concept in simple way thatmakes the readers to understand clearly. Examples are provided from family members to otheroccupational groups. I identified that due to microcultre, there are conflict situation that take place. SusanStanton states her experience at UTC and its culture. I think a person should be free from suchthings. They should be allowed to wear as they like maintaining decency and for the way aperson should be treated should be as per the situation and all should be respected. In second paragraph, she provides information about the type of clothing that should bedone and the way employees should be treated is stated. Then she shares her experience in thefollowing paragraph. Main discussion of micro culture is provided for two different units of warehouse and thecustomer outlets. There are misconnection and misunderstanding among these two groups.Stanton’s is so confident that should can observe behaviour and overcome the problem. In the paragraph shows that the experience shed had as an anthropologist is not sufficientbut the faith she ha is remarkable. As an anthropologist, they have to see through the eyes ofinformants. In other words, the focus in gathering information and determined the perspective ofinsider’s. He/she tries to get fit in the others culture and gather information. They try tounderstand the situation and they get successful when they are able to expanding in local termsand to predict what is going to happen. The thing that is noticed it that anthropologist need to be patient so as to understandculture that is followed by others. They aim at developing strong relationship with people and tryto get fit with them and not telling them their weakness. 1

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