Marketing Challenges in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry : Report

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expand in niche tourists marketExpand in niche tourists marketINTRODUCTIONIn order to develop effective functioning,there are several ways through travel andtourism activities could be expand in nichemarket. It assists to enable to expandoperations and functions with creatingdifferent segmentation in the market. Withthis regard, services has been offers indifferent aspects that make successfulresults in the organisation. At internationalareas, brand also develops that required tomake innovative ways to expand nichemarket.Find out the new customers to deliverproducts and services: In order to operateeffective functions and operations, there areseveral activities performed by travel industryto develop opportunities in different areas. Inthis context, the business need to focus on themaking themselves market leader in theparticular destination. Therefore, it has beennoticed that developing in the niche marketcreate straightforward with diversifying thebusiness in different nations. In order toenlarge scope of the operations, business willbe grow continually with databasemanagement. Personalised and innovative things with highexpectations: With this regard, the chosen organisationneed to know about the deeper and establishing nicheactivities that are taken for business development.Therefore, each person need to meet with specific subsetof customer learning that needed for specific knowledge.In addition to this, specific knowledge also assists to locatefor particular basic tourism that are developed atindividual level.Develop new niche market withresearch: In this aspect, niche marketdevelop to cater exclusive development.With this regard, particular needs need tobe meet for specific subset of the businessgoals and objectives. There are frequenttravellers in the country those are exactlyknown about the customer demand andrequirement. These customers alsoenhances knowledge to fulfil expectationsof standards. In the Thailand, there is highopportunities to listing the many activitiesthat are taken in the business unit.Everything that is needed for accomplishthe activities develop destination for travelwith bookings. REFERENCESSotiriadis, M. and Apostolakis, A., 2015. Marketing challenges in travel, tourism and hospitalityindustries of the European and Mediterranean regions. EuroMed Journal of Business. 10(3).Becker, E., 2016. Overbooked: the exploding business of travel and tourism. Simon and Schuster.

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