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Career Development Reflection

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Added on  2023-03-17

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This career development reflection explores the author's self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and building a professional network. It discusses the importance of understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, coping mechanisms, and the need for a strong professional network. The reflection also highlights the role of mentorship and the importance of developing communication and technical skills for a career in business development.

Career Development Reflection

   Added on 2023-03-17

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Career Development Reflection
Career Development Reflection_1
Career Development Reflection
I have been undertaking a series of self-examination and self-evaluation regarding my
future career. I have been drowning in the miasma of thoughts regarding what the future
holds for me. My career objective is to become a business development manager. I believe
that my future will be shaped by realizing my career dreams. But to get there, there are
myriads of life upheavals. Are the characteristics and behaviours am exhibiting
strengthening or limiting my ambitions? This is one of the many questions that ring in my
mind whenever I think about my future. What is my personality? What are my strengths and
weaknesses? What are my insecurities? Is my coping mechanism concerning weaknesses and
insecurities help to manage stress and tension? These are the critical question that informs my
self-awareness. I need to comprehend what tends to make me vulnerable so that I can find an
effective coping mechanism. To understand myself, I need to be aware of my values and
emotional intelligence. Being aware of these implicit areas would help me in my self-
evaluation and have a predictive mechanism on my reaction to specific situations. I have met
challenging experiences in my life but I have been in a position to handle them and continue
to grow stronger. Following an online test which I did at the end of the semester, I was able
to learn that I can control my emotions and I possess anger control in that I do not get angry
when a person threatens or degrades me. I know that if I allow influencing my reaction upon
provocation by responding angrily would jeopardize my ability to help others and myself too.
I have come to learn that positive critics assist in changing particular devastating behaviour
and that assist me in growing stronger. I can confidently conclude that I possess emotional
intelligence since I can undertake consequential thinking that can influence my actions and
then make effective decisions. Since my childhood, I have had a smaller body size in
comparison with my age mates. I felt insecure and secluded and strived to fit with the rest of
my age group. I engaged in coping activities, as a challenge to myself not to be left out, some
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