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1REFLECTION IN ACTIONReflective practice is the ability of an individual to reflect on his or her own action so that he orshe can remain engaged in process of continuous learning. Such practice helps the nurse to paycritical attention to the practical values as well as theories which informs everyday actions by theinvigilating of the practice reflectively as well as reflexively (Synder, 2014). It helps the nurse tostop and think about his or her own practice, proper analyzing of the decision making as well asto draw on the theories for relating it to the existing knowledge which in turn help in generatingnew ideas and knowledge (James, Blomberg and Kihlgren 2014). This makes the care of thepatient much better resulting in high patient satisfaction.I am a nursing student and I was placed under placement in mental health ward duringmy third year of that I can develop some personal experiences and link my theoretical knowledgewith practical situations. Although I has no stereotypes against mental health patients but theconcept of handling aggressive patients scared me. I was always afraid that such patient couldhurt me physically and how can I protect myself in such situation. I was also apprehensive abouthow mental health patients have the tendency of self harm in certain cases which could lead meto legal obligations. However working in the ward, I got suggestions from my seniors and I wasgradually being able to learn as well as gain experience of how to handle trivial issues withexpertise. I remember one such incident that happened in the placement months which helped meto overcome my fear and analyze my nursing skills to perform better the next time.A girl named Sarah of age 25 was admitted to the ward after she found her unconscious in herroom and was brought to hospital by her roommate. It was found that she took medication ofmixed drugs and doses and wanted to kill herself. She was facing divorce of her parents and the
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2REFLECTION IN ACTIONsame time she was also having emotional turmoil in her intimate relationship with her officecolleague. However, previous month she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she washaving frequent outburst and her aggression level increased. Just before the incident, herroommate and she had planned to go for scuba diving the weekend and she was quite excited andhappy about it. The real cause behind the certain change in mood for taking the attempt ofsuicide is not known by the patients’ roommate. After she was admitted, she was taken to theemergency department for flushing out the medications by making channels, the patient’sstomach was pumped out and activated charcoal was provided by mouth to absorb the drug.Proper medication was given to her and when she was out of danger, she was shifted to themental health department.I was appointed as her nursing professional. After a brief period of sleep, she woke up. I checkedher pulses and her blood pressure which was normal. I provided her the medication which wasprescribed to be taken before breakfast. We started a normal conversation and she was aligningwith the conversation with smile and pleasure. I checked her history and noticed that she was abipolar disorder. All of a sudden, I got apprehensive as I saw that has self harmed herself. Myfear clustered in my head and I was unable to judge situations properly.From her conversations,she told me that she is unable to accept the fact that she was hospitalized as she did not want tobe alive. She forcibly removed her saline cannels and wanted to come out of bed. Although Itried my best to control her, she became aggressive and wanted to either hurt herself or me. Shetold me to ask the doctor to discharge her immediately. I tried to make her understand it is notthe right time as she is fragile and needs care in the ward. However, she insisted However, I quickly removed the sharp object away from the patient so that she does not getscope to affect herself. I was very scared and could not understand what I should do in order to
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