Assignment: Time Management

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INTRODUCTIONAcademic skills or study skills are the approaches of learning that are use in schools,university for acquiring good makes or grades and very useful for learning and enhancement inlife. In academic skills consist of Digital skill, time management, research ability and criticalthinking etc. are key areas to develop an individual. This report is based on academic skills andtheir importance in life of an student.MAIN BODYAcademic skills are very obligatory for an individual development and enhancement andto grab career objectives and goals. To become acquainted with necessary skill related toacademics need to evaluate the strengths and weakness of an individual and potentialrequirements to get success (Fuhs and ., 2014). To become an good university student, anindividual have some specific skills related with academics such as research ability and timemanagement skills that are very essential to become an good university student (Knight,McKissick and Saunders, 2013.). To achieve the goals and objectives need to evaluation ofstrength and weaknesses in proper way and after that formation of goals and objectivesaccordingly. To achieve research ability goals are to enhance research skills with in theupcoming 6 months. To develop the research ability individual have to take some steps thatshould be proved fruitful to gain desirable outcomes. In that steps consist of taking an topic thatan individual something know about it and after it do study about that topic with help of internetthoroughly and read it whole case with help of different magazine, journals and books related tosubject and take ideas from it. In case of doubt ask from the expert so that actual results shouldbe accomplish and take long time to think about that subject matter. In other step find an expertand write about finding research that need for story. Expert need to share the information andideas with beliefs and to achieve desirable outcomes. To grab accurate information and data
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