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Reflection on Research of Cybersecurity

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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Reflection on Research Proposal1REFLECTION ON RESEARCH PROPOSALby [Name]CourseProfessor’s NameInstitutionLocation of InstitutionDate
Reflection on Research Proposal2Evaluation of the effectiveness and usefulness of the learning experienceIn my own opinion, the learning experience in the process of doing this research proposalis a boost to my academic career. I have acquired more knowledge about cybersecurity that hasopened my eyes quite a lot. Going through several kinds of literature just to come up with thisproposal is a humbling process that requires patience and dedication.The value of my experience after researching, compiling, and reporting on this proposalis immeasurable. Going through several books, taught me that diligence in everything is the keyto achieving success (Motiwalla 2007). The insights I have interacted with has enabled me totake more caution while browsing the internet. Revelations of how businesses face operationssabotage are real and every business should think of ways of making cybersecurity a priority.The usefulness of the learning experienceThis learning experience has enhanced my understanding of the course. Going out classactivities to conduct research on my own is the best experience for any scholar. In particular, Ilearned of several ways through which cyber-attackers use to propagate their heinous acts ofvandalism. Apart from what I learned in class, this learning process has boosted myunderstanding of the course, more so horning my research skills. Valuable lessons of analyzingand synthesizing big literature materials is a plus to my course material.Generally, the program objectives require students to carry out extra research in additionto what is taught by lecturers. As such, this learning experience gave me a platform to sharpenmy research skills which have been very valuable so far in my career. Going through severalacademic materials online and in books has helped me achieve the learning expectation of theprogram.
Reflection on Research Proposal3From what I have learned on how cybersecurity issues affect many businesses, big andsmall, I think it would be good if I pursue further career opportunities in cybersecurity. As aspecialist, I will help many businesses and organizations to keep safe of their systems whichoften sabotage systemic operations. This career will not only enable earn income but will give aplatform to learn more besides impacting the lives of people around me.In general, carrying out this research proposal has equipped me with more skills to staycautious while online (Schmitz and Wiese 2006). From now henceforth, I know how to identifyincidents of phishing, which has cost many people of their confidential data. I also know how toput measures in place to avoid cyber-attack incidents. Moreover, I have also learned how cyber-attacks can cause closure of businesses. As such, I am in a position to advise my friends andfamilies on the basic principles on staying alert on the World Wide Web.Description of what happened in the learning processI started this learning process by evaluating the topic of the research proposal, which is,challenges of cybersecurity for businesses. After settling on the topic, I went ahead to readmaterials relating to cybersecurity. At that point, I came across several ways through whichcyber vandals use to steal, destroy, confidential business information. To stay focused on mygoal, I did set my parameters, first by outlining the objectives of the research proposal, thenspecifying my scope of operations so that I do not go beyond my objectives.I read about how cyber-attackers conduct sabotage by stealing confidential business data.I also read ways through which individuals, organizations, and businesses can use to protect theiroperation from cyber-attacks. Furthermore, I learned of many businesses who are victims ofhacking and the statistics are worrying. For example, a multinational company, Google was
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