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Reflection on RLT and CRC - Assignment

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Added on  2021-05-31

Reflection on RLT and CRC - Assignment

   Added on 2021-05-31

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Running head: REFLECTION ON RLT AND CRCREFLECTION ON RLT AND CRCName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
Reflection on RLT and CRC - Assignment_1
1REFLECTION ON RLT AND CRCSection 1:In the fifth week, the professor introduced us to three important topics in the field ofnursing care. The three topics were the person centered care, the clinical reasoning cycle as wellas the RLT model. I was quite excited in the beginning as learning new theories in nursingamuses me. Moreover, I was very happy that I getting an opportunity to learnt something thatwould be very crucial for me in my profession. However, the negative part was that I could notunderstand a number of aspects from the overview that the professors gave us on the three topics.I could not distinguish distinctly about the functioning of each theory, the areas where I need toapply them, and these confused me and made me nervous. The good part was that I understoodthat the CRC and RLT theories are mainly assessment based theories that helps nurses to assessthe symptoms and diagnose the issues correctly. Therefore, I wanted to develop more knowledgeon the topics and looked further to the coming week with the hope that detailed discussing wouldhelp me to understand the features of the theories distinctly. However, to develop somepreliminary knowledge, I went through the several textbooks and tried to gain understanding ofthe theories but I could not successfully develop proper ideas about it. Section 2:In the sixth week, the professor conducted a detailed discussion on the three topics. Hetried to discuss the different principles and guidelines that the nursing professionals need tofollow while practicing the theories effectively. From these discussions, my confusions graduallystarted clearing and I was being able to hold the grasp of the theories. I understood that thepatient centered care is critical in the care centers as it helps the professional to develop effectiverelationship with the patients and communicating with them effectively (Kogan et al., 2016). I
Reflection on RLT and CRC - Assignment_2
2REFLECTION ON RLT AND CRClearnt how these theories engaged person in decision making which is one of the most importantattribute for empowering patients and making them feel better. The professors discussed theimportant principles of this theories and I tried to understand the importance of each. The secondtheory was the clinical reasoning cycle that really made me exited. I understood that I could useit as a guiding framework when I need o handle patients with co morbidities (Edvardson et al.,2015). The four steps are the collection of cues of the patient, understanding the patientconditions, relate their symptoms with pathophysiology and thereby identify the carerequirements effectively (Vikström et al., 2015). I grew confident that with the properapplication of the theory, I would successful recognize the issues and develop care plansaccordingly. Another important part that was also discussed in details was the biological factorsof the RLT models. I developed the understanding of the ten important biological factors thathelps in ensuring how well the patients are conducting their activities of daily lives. Thesecomprised of maintaining safe environments, controlling temperature, breathing and many others(Ballard et al., 2018). Therefore, I also understood the important capabilities that I have toanalyze while assessing the patient health. I developed an understanding that my communicationis not apt to undertake such theories and therefore, I started taking workshops to develop mycommunication skills so that I can engage patients while taking assessments with the help ofthese theories. Section 3:The professor conducted an in depth analysis of these theories and shed more light on thetopic by engaging the theories with a case study on Jim. I was quite satisfied with this approachof the professor as it helped me to develop very clear ideas about the exact functions of thesetheories and the correct situations where I need to apply them. I could also relate the three
Reflection on RLT and CRC - Assignment_3

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