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Assignment on Reflection Paper | Reflective essay

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

Reflective essays are assigned to the students to write about their personal experiences. This document is the reflection to explore your experience with the marketing course and assignments and your understanding of marketing, reflect on the positive and negative aspects of it, and formulate goals to improve the experience or results of the activity the next time it occurs.  You will be given questions to reflect on for the semester. Writing reflectively allows you to think more deeply and consciously about your actions or behaviors within the business. 

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Reflection PaperReflective essays are often assigned allow the student to write about their personal experience. In thispaper, this reflection is for you to explore your experience with the marketing course and assignmentsand your understanding marketing, reflect on the positive and negative aspects of it, and to formulategoals to improve the experience or results of the activity the next time it occurs.You will be givenquestions to reflect on for the semester.Writing reflectively allows you to think more deeply andconsciously about your actions or behaviors within business.You may want to keep a diary or journal onthe questions weekly to get your thoughts on paper early.By analyzing or observing your thoughts,words or actions and assessing the consequences of them, you assess what you want to happen andbetter equip yourself for a more positive outcome the next time.The paper directions are given ineCollege on the assignment.Important Reflections (Test)1.Identify at least one item that you learned that you didn’t know?2.Identify at least one item that surprised you about marketing or implementing marketing?3.Was there anything really difficult about the Chat Learning Tasks? Individual analysis?The exams?The reflection paper?If so, why? ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS FOR THE POINTS4.What has this course experience caused me to examine in business life or at my company?Andwhy?Course SyllabusCourse Text:Students will need the below text for this class.Because this course provides a comprehensiveand practical introduction to marketing, it necessitates the text. An earlier or next edition of thistext is not an acceptable substitute because their organization and coverage of issues, topics, andcases have changed.REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:Marketing Strategy 6thEdition (2014) by Ferrell & Hartline, South-Western Cengage Learning, ISBN 978-1-285-07304-0
REQUIRED SOFTWARE:Please submit assignments in a format that is compatible withMicrosoft Office 2007/2010.I have to reformat docx files before I am able to open them, soplease save all documents as doc files.SUPPLEMENTARY READINGS:Will be provided by the instructor in eCollege Doc Sharing.eCollege live:Online chat will be scheduled forMOST Mondaysat7:00 p.m.(Central Time)(UNLESS RESCHEDULED). You are EXPECTED butnotrequired to attend, however pointswill be given for attendance and adherence to directions given during the chat.I will log on,cover a topic, and be available for live chat. If no one joins after 15 minutes, I will log off. Asyou know, the purpose of online chat is “active engagement and interaction”, so please bring anyquestion (e.g., studying question, book materials, exams, career plan, etc.) to talk. If this chattime is not convenient to you, please email me your convenient time. Then we will talk at yourconvenient time. Thanks.Please NOTE: You will need to useFireFoxfor yourbrowser.You will also need to make sureyou haveJava installedon your computer andenabled.Please insure you have the latest versionof Java also.COURSE GOALS AND OBJECTIVESCOURSE OVERVIEW AND OBJECTIVES:A study of the marketing environment ofbusiness with emphasis on major aspects of sociocultural, demographic, technological, global,legal, political, and ethical issues. The study of marketing emphasizes the functional areas ofmarketing including product and service selection and development, marketing channels,promotion, and pricing. Marketing research, consumer behavior, industrial buying andinternational implications are also considered.Course Objectives: This course hopes to keep our students on the cutting edge of today’smarketing practices. The course has four primary objectives. These include:1. To understand the basic principles of Marketing.
2. To demonstrate the uses of marketing mix in corporate strategy.3. To familiarize students with the basics of creating a marketing plan.4. To provide students with an opportunity to learn about excellent examples of marketing-driven companies throughout the world.COURSE FORMAT:You will find the majority of the information and materials that you will need to complete thecourse in this syllabus and on the eCollege course management website. Be sure to log ontoeCollege and check your university e-mail regularly to see what work you are required to do.I will always upload new announcements to the home page of this course when I want toannounce something to the entire class and would discuss in class. I would try to respond to youre-mails within24 hours.If your correspondence falls over the weekend it may be24-48 hours.ALL EMAILS MUST BE PREFACED WITH THE COURSE NUMBER FOLLOWED BYTHE SUBJECT (EXAMPLE:MKT501-01W Assignment 1, insure your section and thespecific assignment of your interest).TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTSThis is a webcourse.The following technology is recommended to be successful:Internet connection –high speed recommended (not dial-up) and Word Processor.Additionally, the following hardware andsoftware are necessary to use eCollege:Our campus is optimized to work in a Microsoft Windows environment. This means our courses workbest if you are using a Windows operating system (XP or newer) and a recent version of MicrosoftInternet Explorer (6.0, 7.0, or 8.0). Your courses will also work with Macintosh OS X along with a recentversion of Safari 2.0 or better. Along with Internet Explorer and Safari, eCollege also supports the Firefoxbrowser (3.0) on both Windows and Mac operating systems.It is strongly recommended that you perform a “Browser Test” prior to the start of your course. To launcha browser test, login in to eCollege, click on the ‘myCourses’ tab, and then select the “Browser Test” linkunder Support Services.
Please NOTE for eCollegeClassLive chats: You will need to useFireFoxfor yourbrowser.Youwill also need to make sure you haveJava installedon your computer andenabled.Please insureyou have the latest version of Java also.COURSE REQUIREMENTSMinimal Technical Skills NeededYou will need to run the latest version of Java for eCollege (the Learning Management Systemfor TAMUC), 2007/2010 Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and using presentation andgraphics programs, etc.Instructional MethodsThe course is delivered online using Powerpoint and eCollegeClassLive System.These itemsare recorded as they are delivered.Student Responsibilities or Tips for Success in the CourseYou are responsible for reviewing all announcements within the course announcements pages,logging on at least 3 times a week, having and responding to all emails, and completingassignments on time, and attending or listening to chats early in the week.Failure to do theseitems will adversely affect your grade.Examples include: Regularly logging into the course website, amount of weekly study andparticipation time expected, etc.COURSE SCHEDULE:A course schedule is included at the end of this syllabus.Please note,the week starts on Mondayand ends on Saturday (when most items are due).SYLLABUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE STATEMENT:
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This paper is to have you explore a market individually and not as a group.  The preliminary analysis is general market and segment information.  Please do some research from the A&M library or to write a paper.  The information on possible markets and segments is released during the first chat.