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Media Reflection Assignment

Added on - 03 May 2020

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REFLECTION2Media Reflection AssignmentThe article by Brendan Bale dated October 22nd, 2017 is an Australian based publicationthat relates to business law in Australia. It is about the ability of live music venues to keep incheck noise complaints by attaining state government grants. Live music venue businesses oftenmake most of their profits through the music they play to their audience whereby business isusually at its peak late at nights. But the author notes that such businesses experience the hurdlesof noise complaints which result in fines, shut down, or being forced to renovate to reduce thenoise (Bale, 2017). The business law now enables live music venues to attain state governmentgrants that enable them to reduce the noise complaints. Moreover, the question most asked is ifthis move by the government is enough to reduce noise to the neighbors.But it is not enough to simply obtain state government grants to reduce neighborcomplaints about noise. Live music scenes need live music policies and not those that force themto close such as the quick-fire policy which targets issues such as alcohol-fuelled violence(Shaw, 2013). Most of the laws have proved to be an obstacle to live music businesses in spite ofthe changes to the licensing laws that have made it easier for some of them to stay in business.According to Shaw (2013), the innovative planning and liquor licensing regulation forces theresponse to different situations such as for residential buildings near the area to coversoundproofing cost and other measures to reduce noise complaints. But with the increasedresidential development around Melbourne’s live music scene, there would most likely be quite alot of neighbor complaints and developing the residential areas through soundproofing and othermeasures would help reduce them.This article is directly related to the class discussion as it clearly shows the business lawsbehind live music venues such as the innovative planning and liquor licensing regulation and the
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