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Reflective Essay on HCI 1

Reflective Essay on HCI 2
Human computer interaction in a layman language means the study of how users interact
with computers or technology “Norman, 2017”. It involves the process of designing technology
for interaction users, especially human beings. However, with time it has expanded to include
other technologies advancement such as websites, application software, tablets, robotic devices
and more (Cockton, 2004). HCI gives guidelines on how a technology should be design for
communication and interaction. If it is a new computer being design, the questions will be; how
should this computer look like in order to appeal to the end user? How should it be made simple
for purposes of use? In this paper I will write a reflective journal on my first experience of a
personal computer.
Some few years back I bought my first computer through cash money sent by my father. I
was so excited to have a computer of my own. Although I had visited a school computer lab
before, I still didn’t know how to communicate with a computer neither did I know what to look
in a computer through I needed a professional PC. I spoke to classmate who was savvy with a
computer and even knew what a website was and all that. We went to the nearby computer retail
shop and bought a HP laptop, 15 inch. From this point I was ready to play with my computer
with my interest of getting to know everything.
The only thing I was sure with my computer is to turn on and off by pressing the power
button. I turned on the PC and did not understand what to do but still I was elated. I simply
tapped on everything and didn't have any idea on how to come back to the past screen. At
whatever point I had issues with my PC, the ultimate solution I know was to turn the computer
off and switch it on again. However, with time I decide to attend computer packages class and
this is where my passion of computer studies started. I was able to understand how computers
interact with users through commands(Higginbotham,2014). This was my turning point. I have
learned several skills such as command line language, Object oriented programming, website
design, system design, computer hardware and technology innovation in the field of computing.

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