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Reflective Essay | Facilitate and Learning

Added on - 16 May 2020

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY – PIETER VAN ELLEWEE – ELO3 – FACILITATE AND EVALUATE LEARNINGIntroduction:I am Pieter van Ellewee a Training and HR Manager for Rampar Trading. I have started withthe company in November 2013 and one of my main roles in my Portfolio is SkillsDevelopment which include to be a Facilitator. I underwent the following two-unit standcourses in 2011 before I joined the company namely 117871Facilitate learning using avariety of given methodologies well as 117877 Perform one-to-one training on the job. Mytotal years of experience in the Skills Development field is almost 9 years. I was tasked in2014 by Management of Rampar Trading to conduct various Training programs for RamparTrading staff which were for Area Managers, Store Managers and Sales Assistant Staff.My Training path started when at my first company where I had to teach the store staff invarious topics and became a national trainer for this organisation part of my HR duties.My purpose as a facilitator is as followsChoosing the right training methodsImprove productivityReduce employee turnoverFree up management resourcesCreate new company leadershipGain a competitive edgeI believe I achieve this with a practical approach and not to throw the book at them with alot of theoretical work. I am a firm of leading by the front and where I was a manager it hadmassive success in any situation.I further believe a successful trainer consist of the following characteristics:Effective training begins with the capability to start an understanding with youraudience.As an effective trainer you must create yourself as a Subject matter expert early inthe demonstration.Know the material you are presenting and lay it out in sequence.Being able to think on your feetBe honest with the group.Have a purpose for your presentation.Keep your topics on track differ very little from the scope of what you are presenting.Use examples is very importantIn front of the class you must be able to direct each notion in terms learner canassociate with.Make a memorable closeIn 2017 we decided to roll out the following course to our managers as a successionplanning training namely US114895 Define the core concepts of the wholesale and retailenvironment. I look at the requirements of the Unit standard which is
This unit standard is intended for new entrants into the wholesale and retail sector.Persons credited with this unit standard will be able to describe the different marketsegments, customer profiles and buying habits applicable to the industry.They will also be able to identify the target market of the organisation, in which theywork.These persons will also be able to identify the different functional departments in anoutlet and their main functions in respect of the flow of stock/cash through thebusiness.They will also be able to explain the environment in which business operates inrespect to applicable legislation and shrinkage and lossesI designed and develop the material for the course as well as the assessment criteria etcfurther I rolled out the program and facilitated this to 32 Managers across South Africa andBotswana. The training dates were planned and given through to the staff to attend thetraining. I have decided this year to combine training in groups as the one on one trainingtakes much longer as we have 110 stores in 5 countries but some of the training I have stillneed to do one on one as of the distance. Previous Training took 9 months to roll out as ofthe one on one training and then we can only do one program in the year. This trainingsession consist of a day’s facilitation which is conducted in the back of the store in our shoestore room. Training material consist out ofMATERIALSEQUIPMENTFor the Instructor:PowerPoint® SlidesParticipant WorkbooksCourse Evaluation FormVideoFor the Instructor:LaptopLCD ProjectorTabletsElements of this CourseLecture videos. Each week your instructor will teach you the concepts youneed to know through a collection of short video lectures. You may eitherstream these videos for playback within the browser by clicking on theirtitles, or you can download each video for later offline playback byclicking the download icon.Textbook readings. Assigned passages from the learner manual willexplore the topic in more detail or in a different light.Quizzes. Each lecture will include a quiz. You need to attain a minimumscore of 85% for each quiz. Each attempt may present a different
selection of questions to you. Your highest score will be used whencalculating your final score in the class. There is no time limit on how longyou take to complete each attempt at the quiz. There is a deadline foreach quiz; however, if you have not completed the quiz, you will not beable to receive the new quizThe course schedule was as followsTasksExpected TimeModule 1 - Segmenting the sectorLearning outcomesTypes of wholesalers and retailersThe formal sectorRetail locationsSector stakeholders60 minutes10 minutes15 minutes15 minutes10 minutes10 minutesModule 2 - Identifying target marketsLearning OutcomesThe marketCustomer profilesMarketing the store60 minutes10 minutes20 minutes20 minutes10 minutesModule 3 - Stock flow and salesLearning OutcomesBusiness systemsCore functionsSupport functions60 minutes10 minutes20 minutes20 minutes10 minutesModule 4 - The wholesale and retailenvironmentLearning outcomesLegislationFood safety60 minutes10 minutes40 minutes10 minutesModule 5 - Shrinkage and lossesLearning outcomesUnderstanding gross profitEffects of shrinkage60 minutes10 minutes40 minutes10 minutesI made sure that I utilise my event plan and learning planThe process of my training was as followsStep 1: Plan and Prepare for Training
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