Reflective Essay in Nursing Practice

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Running head: REFLECTIVE ESSAY IN NURSINGREFLECTIVE ESSAY IN NURSINGName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1REFLECTIVE ESSAY IN NURSINGReflective essay in nursing practiceMy noble profession of nursing makes me exposed to various challenges and difficultiesthat help me to uphold my skills and my capability of delivering an appropriate care (Butts &Rich, 2012). I believe that it is my duty to provide any patient with a proper physical, spiritualand mental support. Things become complicated when it comes to dealing with elderly patients with mentaldisabilities due to the diseases like dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disease of thebrain and cause cognitive impairment in elderly persons (Zarit & Zarit, 2012). A person showsvarious signs of mental retardation (Butts & Rich, 2012). In my clinical practice I was appointed with the duty to cater to an elderly patient of age85, Mrs. A, who was having AD. The patient had symptoms like acute memory loss and hadbeen admitted to the hospital with the complaint that she had stopped taking any medications andhas refused to take any food. Her daughters had tried to feed him forcibly but that hasdeteriorated her condition. Her family members are having thoughts that she might have lost allthe hopes of living and wants to end her life anyhow. The case was crucial and had to be handled with extreme care. Dr.J, was the medicalofficer who was in charge of the patient entrusted with the duty of feeding her. We thought ofapplying a nasal tube, but it was very difficult and risky as per her age. During our nursingpractice we are always imparted with the knowledge of delivering a care with holistic approach. Itried to interact with Mrs A, and tried to convince her for feeding. I do not believe in applyingrestraint. Therefore, I tried to provide her a conducive environment (Zarit & Zarit, 2012). I triedto introduce the medicines intravenously, by consulting with the doctor, such that we don’t have

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