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Development Methodolgy- Essay

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Added on  2019-09-25

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REFLECTIVE ESSAYDevelopment Methodolgy:-To develop this prototype. We need to develop first model classes. Modelclasses for users, school, department, courses, courseyear, and their have beendeveloped. This work can be easily done using GII facility of yii famework. Inthat model classes and controllers can be directly made through user interface.It is linked with the database tables made in phpMyAdmin. Database is to besetup by importing the current needed files in of sql in phpMyAdmin. Afterthat in config file of yii framework we need to set the database path. After thisconfiguration, our models are ready to be used. Using users tables, loginidentifies the user. They have a role number. Superadmin have role number 1and Admin have role number 2. This is to identify who can create admin or not.Admin manager page is only visible to role1 i.e superadmin. Then AJAX isadded during fetching the students searched data. Ajax is introduced to gainthe facility of JSON format data. In this way approach to develop admin andstudent have been taken.MVC Framework:-This framework or better to say pattern separates the application into threedifferent parts. 1.Models2.Views3.ControllersModelsModel is the structure of table used in database. This is in simple language. Butin logical sense, model relates to the data related to logic of its existence. Itcontains the data structure that is to be transferred between View andController.ViewsView contains the User Interface logic for the given application. It fetches datafrom controller using help of model structure given and shows it to user. Itincludes component such as text, boxes, and other information related things.Controllers
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They are they interface between Models and Views for processing all the logicand requests of data and finally render the final output which is shown in view.Problems Encountered:-While trying this structure to be implemented, both frameworks, yii-1 nd yii-2were used at one time, which made whole app crashed. After some time wholeproject was rebuild in yii-2 framework. Also trying to make separate studentlogin was also a great confusion on its own. Some logical concepts were drawnand then solution let the prototype to be developed. Using Ajax in betweenwas a great fun.Functional Requirement1.Admin user can login using their emails or username. If we want to allowusing email, simply put email also in username. This functionality ismade possible as we require three thing username, email and password.Although email was asked , but if someone wants to add differentusername then email, for the extra support it is added, now if someonewant some other name, he can put it in username else put email id inusername and you will be able to login through email id and password.2.Admin user can only edit data of website, but cannot make other adminusers. Users can only be made by Superadmin. This functionality wasmade possible by logic that, superadmin has role variable 1 and adminhave role variable as 2. If role variable 1 then only user can create adminelse user cannot. Being role 1 itself suggests that user is superadmin.3.All the admins and superadmin can do CRUD functionality on data. Allthe create, read, update and delete operations are provided for adminswhich was the functional need of the project. This is done by a simplelogic of role based users. Superadmin has role1 and admin have role2.Logic is simple that role is less than three than user can do CRUDoperations on data available. This logic made this functionality possibleto implement.Non Functional Requirement1.Student can easily come and see their required data by searching. Theydo not need to edit any data. Just check data and go. This is the only nonfunctional requirement of the project. Because only search isimplemented and no admin operation is done here. This is done asrequired homepage contains 5 search fields.
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