Effectiveness of Learning Experience: A Reflective Journal


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Reflective journal
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The purpose of this paper is to focus on the effectiveness of my learning experience. In
this paper, I will discuss the values of the learning experience and how it can be translated into
various aspects of my life.
My opinion about the learning experience is that bit has helped to increase my
understanding of the assignment and develop my professional skills in an easy manner. I have
gained knowledge about the assignments given to me. Various books and articles should be
studied to understand the concept (Francese, Gravino, Risi, Scanniello and Tortora, 2015). The
value of the information gained from my learning is enormous, as it has helped to understand
requirements. The information gathered from the learning experience will serve me to increase
my understanding and serve me in the course in a positive way. It will also help me to achieve a
high score in my academics as well. It will also me to advance my professional career within the
organization as well in the future. During the preparation of the assignments, I have clearly
understood the requirements of the assignments and read various websites, books, and articles to
achieve the learning outcomes. The business research conducted for the assignments is useful for
my research learning process, as it has helped me to increase the effectiveness of my knowledge.
The reasons for doing these activities to gather knowledge and clear my doubts about the
assignments. The information collected can be applied in the future within a professional setting
and to advance my professional career.
I have studied some more articles to further develop my understanding on the topic and
hone my reflective skills. The topic for the assignment is use of Big Data in business
organizations (Persky, Greene, Anksorus, Fuller and McLaughlin, 2017). An effective learning
experience should able to help the learners to understand a difficult topic in an easy way (Bond,
Cheng and Kairuz, 2017). My learning experience has enabled me to clear my doubts and
encouraged me to further increase knowledge about the topic. So in my opinion, my learning
experience is an effective one. It has helped me to increase my effectiveness and critically
evaluate the topic. The information gathered from this week has increased the value of my
knowledge, thus increasing the value of my learning experience. This learning experience will
contribute to the course and the program in a positive way, increasing the efficiency of the
program (Anderson, 2016). The knowledge can be transferred in the professional setting and be
used to advance a career (Lenartowicz, Johnson and Konopaske, 2014). In general life, I will be
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able to help people to achieve their learning objectives using the information gathered from the
course. During this week, I have visited some websites to understand the topic and achieve the
learning outcomes. I have started to gather the information in an organized manner to develop
the literature review on the topic. The business research conducted should help a student to clear
their doubts and increase their interest about learning (Persky, Greene, Anksorus, Fuller and
McLaughlin, 2017). The reasons for doing the activities is to develop new insight and new
hypotheses on the topic and to develop a proper assignment. I will apply the information
gathered from the course in my professional career in the future.
According to my opinion, as the weeks have progressed my understanding of the topic
has also increased. I am starting to understand the topic much effectively which will help me to
develop the assignments clearly. Knowledge gathered during this week has increased my
confidence in my understanding, which is of immense value to me (Jan, Ullah, Ali and Khan,
2016). The information can be used in the academics as well as professional career. I will mainly
transfer the knowledge and insights gained from the course into my organization in the future. I
have read some journals which critically analyses the topic, thus enabling me to increase my
critical analysis skills (Kolb, 2014). I have understood how the organizations use Big Data
within their premises with clarity. It has also helped me to understand the implications of Big
Data in the organization. The business research conducted during this week is very useful to me
in defining my research learning process. Additional information is collected to develop the
assignment according to the requirement. This activity increases my in-depth knowledge of the
concept. The information gathered during this week can be used within the organization in an
effective manner.
I have started to develop the literature on the topic using the various sources of
information. In my opinion, my learning experience has helped me to develop a further interest
in the topic. Thus I can analyze and critically evaluate the information gathered during the last
weeks (Diaz, Hincapié and Moreno, 2015). The learning experience has helped me to increase
my ability to analyze and critically evaluate the information available to me. Thus this
experience will help me to excel in the course, program as well As my professional career.
During this week, I have seen many websites to increase my knowledge and increase my
analytical skills. The business research allows me to achieve the learning outcomes of my
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