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Reflective Journal on Team Formation and Report Writing

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Added on  2023-06-15

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This reflective journal discusses the experiences of the author in team formation and report writing. It highlights the mistakes made and the insights gained from the incidents. The journal also suggests steps to be taken in the future to improve team working and report writing skills.

Reflective Journal on Team Formation and Report Writing

   Added on 2023-06-15

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Author note:
Reflective Journal on Team Formation and Report Writing_1
Reflective learning is the procedure that allows the students with opportunities to step
back from their learning experience and develop critical thinking skills. It helps in improvement
of future performance by analyzing and evaluating the different experiences and reflecting on
meaningful observations (Sherstyuk, Olekh and Kolesnikova, 2016). Researchers are of the
opinion that reflective learning helps in moving the students form the surface learning to that of
in-depth learning genre that include different types of activities like self-review, peer-review and
also personal development planning (Woodcock, 2017). This assignment would be a reflective
journal that would depict my experiences and the issues I faced in the two domains that are
taught in class. I will reflect on the different insights and views I have developed from the
experiences and how I want to develop those skills in the future.
Description of the events:
Team-forming and team-performance:
I had been assigned as the team leader during my placement months where I had to form
a team of the fresher employees and had to complete a set of goals that had been set by the
higher authorities. I was quite excited to get this opportunity and immediately formed a team of
10 employees out of 20 employees who got the placements. I assigned them their respective
tasks and set them deadlines. I expected them to complete their work within the deadlines but on
the day of submission of their work, I realized that none of the members were ready with their
work and they were constantly blaming on each other for their inability to complete. Moreover, I
also noticed that the work done by them did not synchronize with each other and therefore it was
a complete massacre. I noticed that the team members did not communicate with each other and
Reflective Journal on Team Formation and Report Writing_2
kept a safe distance. Moreover, feedbacks were not given properly and negative feedbacks from
each other destroyed the morale of the other team members. Moreover, cultural stereotypes were
also found between the Australians and the Asian members that affected the dignity and respect
of the members. All these were creating job stress in them and even two of the members
approached the authority for leaving the team.
Report writing:
Another incident also occurred after this. I was asked by the higher authority to submit a
report on the progress of the team and how the team members are performing. I became quite
nervous as I had to collect and incorporate a large amount of data about each of my ten team
members. I clearly wrote about their performances, their inhibitions, their issues and challenges
and described how they were progressing in their respective tasks. I even attached their
productivity report in an excel file. However, the authority criticized my report and stated that
the information provided by me in my report was not done professionally and that I need to learn
proper ways of report writing. I was severely embarrassed after this incident. However, I did not
allow myself to lose my confidence and in turn requested my mentor to help in rectifying the
mistakes. He explained to me in details about the mistakes I made.
Insights I developed after the incidents:
Incident of team forming:
After reflecting on the incidences, I realized a number of mistakes I had made while
developing and managing a team. I had been quite fast into initiating the work but did not focus
into the five steps that are important in team formation. The first stage is called the forming stage
Reflective Journal on Team Formation and Report Writing_3

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