Reflective Learning Assessment

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Reflective Learning1
ASSESSMENT 1- REFLECTIVE LEARNING PORTFOLIOPART 1Through conducting the present report I have gain adequate knowledge andunderstanding about the research methods through which I can collect or assemble the relevantand reliable data and information for conducting the research in the appropriate and feasiblemanner. I have also gain knowledge about the different sources through which I can collect oraccumulate the data from the target customers. However, I have also gain understandingregarding formulating the research questions so that I can feasible conduct the further studywithout any issue. Therefore, I have also amend my skills regarding collecting data orinformation through different mediums that is surveys, questionnaire, interviews etc. I have aalso gain ability to communicate with the colleagues that help me in performing my taskeffectively. Furthermore, while conducting the research I have also focuses on adopting logicalthinking that support me conducting the research in the effective manner and also result in properresearch dissemination.PART 2The aforementioned report also support me understanding the various researchphilosophies. It is termed as the way about how the data or information has been gathered,analyzed and used in the research. I have gain knowledge regarding the two form of researchphilosophy that is interpretivism and positivism.For the study I have selected interpretivismresearch philosophy as it leans towards the collection of qualitative information and usesdifferent methods like surveys, questionnaire etc. and access to the reality. However, I have alsodevelop the knowledge regarding the different research strategies that I can use in my researchreport to conduct the study. With the availability of different research studies I got confusedregarding choosing the appropriate strategies. Therefore, selecting appropriate strategy hasbenefited me writing the critical review or literature review on the selected topic. I have also gainknowledge regarding the number of research strategies can be adopted in the different researchprojects that is case studies, surveys or through interviews. Through conducting the report I havealso acquire knowledge regarding the different type of research that support me in developingthesis or research project.The foremost form of research include practical research that mainly2
belong to empirical learning of the subject under the research. This type of research mainlyinvolves collecting first hand information and data in the form of questionnaires, interviews,observations etc. another form of research include theoretical research under which I canresearch the information through accessing public libraries, published journals and articles etc.PART 3Through performing another task I recognize and understand the value of ethicalprocedures while conducting research in the businesses. I have identified that I must adhere theethical norms and regulations in the research so that the I can primarily promote the aim ofresearch in the effective manner by avoiding the error. Through this I focuses on prohibiting theprocrastination and duplication of information and data in the research that support meconducting the feasible and fair research. However, I have also enhances my interpersonal skillsto properly collaborate with the different agencies so they assist me in gathering reliable andaccurate information from the market. Through understanding the importance of ethicalprocedures and consideration while conducting research also help in preserving the confidentialand private information so that I can feasibly and accurately conduct the research. However, italso help me avoiding risk factor related with using the inaccurate information in the study.Furthermore, through ethical consideration I can apply broad ethical principles for the researchand result in gaining accurate and fair outcome from the research. It also help me in improvingthe design of the research report and support me in accumulating the reliable information fromthe market.PART 4While, conducting the last task I have gain certain knowledge and enhances thecollaborative working to carry the research in the effective and proper manner. However, I havealso focuses on working collaboratively within the learning community to gain several researchskills in accomplishing the research. Moreover, cooperative learning also facilitate me inaccomplishing the goals and aims through working together in the groups. Thus, it further helpme in building knowledge regarding different field work and evolving in the team to improvedifferent research skills. Through conducting the research I have also gain certain research skillslike formulating questions, planning, collecting data, organizing data and analysing data to3
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