The Reflective Learning Key to Get Success

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REFLECTIONThe reflective learning is a key to get success because I personally believe thatknowledge is the main thing to do any thing in this world. If I am working is a businessorganization and I will pick knowledge as the one thing which can be more helpful to work inthat workplace of the organization. Knowledge is so important to execute any compilation. If Ihave proper knowledge about the field in which I an working as an employee, then I will putmore effort to get the knowledge about each and every thing which is relates to my job(Lai andCalandra, 2010). It is so essential for the various economies, organizations and also theindividuals to increase the relative knowledge in their structure. After this self assessment haveseen that the knowledge and personal or professional skills should be so proper in any kind ofworkplace. In have learnt about my self that I have less potential in my communication skills and Ihave to improve that to be a strong element of the organization for that I am working for. Todevelop my communication skills there are so many way that can help me. I can attend more andmore seminars in which I can interact with the other people. This is the approach that can bemake me confident. On the other side I can access the internet, the social networking sites are theplatform on which I can interact with more people, we can share our things on that(Cowan,2014). To get the fluency and decency in my communicative manner I have to inspect my owngrowth. In the organization I have so many other employees. Some of them are working on thesame designation and others are on different. I have to respect the every employment oforganization. There are so many theoretical concepts which helps me to develop my understandingabout this assessment. For self learning, I have so many options like seminar, conferences,internet, social media and so on. From the leadership approaches it is easy to understand thatpersonal and professional skills do play the key role in the success of an individual or anorganization(Slotnick, and Janesick, 2011). For lifelong learning I can try the communicationpractice to get the improvement in my skills. I believe by practising the the self-learning andlifelong learning approaches I can improve my personal and professional skills and which canhelp me to make better relation with other employees and organization.

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