Reflective Paper on Dignity of Labour

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Reflective Paper
The dignity of labour can be specified as dignity of work. The specified philosophy should beadopted and is required to be followed at each work place. I felt the essence of same during thecourse while attending seminar relating to the subject art and work. The manner ofaccomplishing any work can be referred as art because in any work whether it is easy orcomplicated for making it reproductive it is necessary that it should be treated as art orinteresting in same manner. A shift in same has been assessed with change in time. In presentscenario labour virtues and values have change value of art. From my experience I have learnedthat laboring is most important variant for value and work as well as action and contemplationbecause with assistance of same only every organization is able to attain its major goals orobjectives. The life of a labour is not that easy but in present scenario, a different prospectivewhich I observed during my course of learning is that rather than focusing on one’s own workmore emphasis is made to think the manner in which one’s work is higher or more appropriate incomparison of others.Wilde (2015), asserted that astruggle or a race is going on to not toimprove the work but to make it more appropriate than level which has been attained by others.During my learning period I received chances to not only assess artistic process of working butalso the manner in which I deal with the things. A workshop was conducted in which eachmember has to observe working manner of other and to make out the main points out of same.Through this workshop we were able to assess our strength and weakness as well as the areas onwhich we are required to work on. I learned the manner of assessing artistic process from insideas well as in deep manner. Patience and sincerity are the main variants which are employed byartist working in mode of social practice (Moula and 2014). I learned about these variantsas well as other sensibilities which are required to be employed as an artist while working duringlearning period this course. Creating action plan before proceeding towards action is verynecessary, although it is believed that it delays or elongates the procedure of working. However,my experience of work says that instead of elaborating the procedure it eases the total procedure.The reason behind same is we know the next step which is to be taken as well the manner inwhich whole procedure will be done. Moreover, it is possible to change things before executingthem actually and it leads to decrease the percentile of failing in any procedure. Anotherworkshop which I attended during this learning course was providing a presentation in whichyou have to present your own manner of working and skills relating to same. The results which Iattained through that workshop were unbelievable as it made me learned the manner in which I
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