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Added on - 21 Feb 2021

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Reflective Journal
Reflection can be defined as the technique which allows individuals to share theirpersonal feelings and thoughts with others to provide them information regarding theirexperience which was acquired by them while an event. While writing a reflection, it is vital forstudents to make sure that they are writing such things that have happened actually (Redmond,2017). With the help of it personal learning can be reflected to others. In order to reflect my ownexperience regarding the group presentation I am going to write a reflective journal which willcover critical evaluation of the strategies that are used by me while working on the tasks. Alongwith this, areas for development are also discussed under this journal.At university the lecturers formulated different groups of students who are going to givepresentation. First of all all the members in teams are responsible to select a topic for project. Itwas the first and biggest challenge for me and my teammates. At this time various conflicts havetaken place between me and other members in group because we were not able to be agree on asame topic for presentation. In order to deal with such types of issues we decided to takeguidance from our lecturers by selecting some best topics. We met with one of the lecturer atuniversity and asked him to provide suggestion for the right topic for our project. We gotappropriate guidance and decided to work on one selected topic. When we were in the conflict ofdeciding topic for the presentation I acted very aggressively which has left negative impressionof mine in front of all other members in group. Due to this they also did the same with me whichcreated a gap of communication between us. Apart from this, main goal of all of use is to deliverthe presentation appropriately and fulfil expectations of our teachers. The conflicts among all theteam mates affected our project negatively and we missed to score the higher marks as compareto some of the groups.While working on the presentation all the group members decided to allocateresponsibilities so that the presentation could be completed by us in given time limit. I wasresponsible for combining the matter which is collected by all the other people in team. In orderto deliver a best presentation all of use ignored our personal issues with each other and workedhard. While preparing the PPT again conflicts took place regarding the information and design ofit. At the end we prepared it and tried to make sure that it fulfils the guidelines that are set bylecturers. In order to complete the project Belbin's role model is analysed by us and used to setroles for each team member (Ryan, 2015). As my role is of compiler of file so I collectedinformation from all the group members and analysed their matter. I made some changes in it1
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