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Fundamental of nursing communication (SNPG801)

Added on - 02 Jun 2021

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Reflective writingIntroductionFundamental of nursing communication (SNPG801) is one of the subject that we had tostudy in master of nursing international. There were different assessment we had to submittedamong them reflective writing was the last assessment. Reflecting on previous knowledge is anessential opportunity for students to consider our own qualities and weaknesses which enable usto create an alternative and improve future performance. Therefore, in this paper I will bereflecting on three things; referencing, library database and writing literature review that I hadlearned from all the workshops and will also help in further study.1.ReferenceReference is an incredibly significant factor of written work as it reveals the roots of theconcepts. References enable us to recognise authors and researchers' contributions which helpedus for better vision of the specific topic. On my first day at class our lecturer gave us a briefintroduction of referencing and orient us which type of referencing are we following whilesubmitting assignment. I was very happy that the referencing style was APA format because Ihad used this style in my bachelor study. Referencing was a very fruitful experience for me asthis helped me to look for the information more easily and quickly. Beside that this also helpedme to provide source of information to my lecturer that I retrieved for my assignment. Moreover,this also helped me to avoid plagiarism as I had quoted every single ideas of the related authors.From the referencing I have learned a way of remembering the authors you borrowed ideas andconcepts which in future will help me to be a responsible scholar for my research study.2.Literature ReviewHowever, we were taught about how to do literature review by our lecturer I often found itdifficult because I kept on skipping the important data and information from the article. I havelearned so many important facts that I need to improve my literature review skill from mylecturer that we don't just have to interact with a whole body of literature; we also need tocompare, and contrast, synthesise, and argue in ways that enhance willingness to add value to theliterature itself. Hence, now I am more confident in performing a literature review.1
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