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REGULATION COMPLIANCE1Research and comply with regulatory requirementsNameInstitutionDate
REGULATION COMPLIANCE2An entrepreneur can invest in various business available in the economy based on theirrequired rate of return. In Australia, one of the most attractive industries in the food andbeverage sector. As a segment that has a perpetual future due to the nature of theproduct and the needs of the people, it attracts many entrepreneurs. Besides, othercompanies seek to expand their capacity by ensuring that they receive maximumbenefits. Nevertheless, due to the product’s nature and consumer relations, regulatorybodies impose rules on this industry for consumer protection. Futura Group Hotels hasoperated in this sector, but since it seeks to expound it Beach Café to provide alcoholicdrinks and restaurant services, it has to comply with new regulations. As the F&Bmanager, this paper aims to explore the list of requirements, develop organizationalpolicies and recommend the measure to ensure that employees meet these rules.Part 1Expanding the Beach Café into a bar and restaurant requires some licenses. First, theclub license that allows the Futura Bar and restaurant to sell liquor for consumption onthe premises. This permit has a fee payment based on the agency used to acquire it. IfFutura Bar and restaurant engage in any gaming activities, then it may receive a fullclub license. Secondly, Futura Bar and restaurant must obtain an entertainment venuelicense if it seeks to provide entertainment to its clients. This requirement restricts thehours between 9 pm and 5 am to ensure that people going to work are not disrupted.Thirdly, hotel license that has extensive conditions regarding trading hours and mealsprovisions. Health and safety standards must be met to get this license. Additionally,Futura Bar and restaurant will acquire a residential permit for providing accommodationand must abide by the requirements for the sale of alcohol. Failure to meet sale of
REGULATION COMPLIANCE3alcohol requirements may amount to penalties from 170,000 dollars. The nationalmeasurement institute and consumer and business service agencies provide advisoryinformation on such conditions (ABLIS business, p. 1).Futura Bar and restaurant is required to comply with the food standard codes. Thesestandards apply to all to the organization since it is involved in the provision of food andbeverages. It, therefore, has to heed to food safety requirements, labeling of food andother related information and ensure that substances added to food are approved.Besides, Futura Bar and restaurant has to comply with pre-market clearance, chemicallimits and food processing standards. These requirements are stated in the Food Actboth on the local and state levels which Futura Bar and restaurant should follow.Otherwise, it faces penalties and closure (Authority, A.N.Z.F., 2002, p 8).Additionally, Futura Bar and restaurant will comply with the requirements of a liquorlicense. Like the food standards license, this permit requires that the measurement ofalcohol should be done according to the provided volume scale such as milliliters, liters,and gallons. Besides, the cost of production or purchase should be provided. Also, theliquor permit requires that all operations such as entertainment be reported during theapplication (ABLIS business, p. 2).Buying an insurance policy is a standard business trend today. Futura Bar andrestaurant should purchase insurance policies for fire and other defined events that mayresult in the damage of the property. It should take an insurance cover on burglary forindemnification in case of money and machinery theft. Also, a public and product liabilityinsurance cover is essential where the enterprise is responsible for personal injury(NRMA Insurance. 2017, p 1).
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