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Relation Project Assignment 2022

Implement an improvement plan for a personal or professional relationship, analyze the results, and write a paper describing the project.

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Added on  2022-10-11

Relation Project Assignment 2022

Implement an improvement plan for a personal or professional relationship, analyze the results, and write a paper describing the project.

   Added on 2022-10-11

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1. Background of the Relationship
I have studied business communications and have also undertaken various other
management and communications oriented courses to improve my communication levels greatly.
The education and knowledge that I had received had contributed greatly towards shaping my
identity. I view communication as an essential tool for the development of relationships and the
self. The influences the courses had on my learning and development were great. I was able to
express myself more freely to others due to the knowledge of communication that I was able to
gather. I became an efficient communicator due to the various communicational situations that I
was able to know due to my studies. Group assignments helped me to coordinate well with
others. I was further able to improve my skills by efficiently interacting with others. I developed
many good relationships with my leaders and peers through the communication learning that I
developed. Relationships taught me that ethical considerations become very important as one
begins to develop relationships with others. It taught me that both right and wrong decisions are
part of the process of developing important relationship values. Making the right decisions
become important in determining the effectiveness and value of relationships. Making the right
choices are always important in any personal or professional relationships. Additionally, I was
able to learn that communication is the only means through which essential relationships can be
built with a large number of people. The right kind of communication is necessary for bridging
the gap between people that come from different walks of life.
The relationship being focused on for this project is the relationship between me and my
peers and manager at the workplace. It is a relationship that is multifaceted. In this way the
relationship is developed on the basis of trust, mutual respect and friendly bonding to a certain
extent. The profession I was in was a PR consultancy firm in this time. I met my team after the
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completion of a training period that went for a month. It was a very good interactive experience
when I first met my team. I was led by my senior teammates as I focused on understanding my
job. The development of strong relationships occurred as time passed. I became closer to
especially my manager and some of the more senior colleagues. The patters that developed
between me and my colleagues were based on both personal and professional needs (Solaja,
Idowu & James, 2016). The bonding helped to group tasks together and coordinate effectively
for the completion of the assigned tasks. The members also understood the personal issues that
were faced by the other members. This enabled a stong communication where everyone became
aware of the issues of others and helped them in their tasks accordingly. The relationship
dynamics were based on mutual trust and respect. This made the communication process easier
and more effective. There were certain ethical issues at times like some of the peers making
others do most of their work at times. This sometimes led to mutual issues between the people.
2. Implementation of the Project
According to Boies, Fiset and Gill (2015) evaluate the effect of transformational
leadership on team performances and creativity. The relationship oriented communication
process was assessed in accordance of its significance in regards to the same context. The
mediation model of team communication though which the leadership can influence team
outcomes was found. The development of trust through communication was an important
element was found to positively affect the team outcomes. According to Goodman-Deane et al.
(2016) communication technology can affect the development of relationship standards between
people. The effect of communication technology on the personal relationship development. The
types of communication have significant effects on the development of relationships. The
findings suggest that positive effect on personal relationship was formed by the use of face to
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