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Reliability Scenarios Assignment PDF

Added on - 24 Jan 2022

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Reliability Scenarios
This report is focusing on three diverse testing situations regarding reliability and elaborates
them accordingly. It is illustrating the dimension of consistency regarding the measurement
whereas the respective tests can be accurate while it provides identical repeated outcomes
under similar conditions. Moreover, this report also identifies several potential sources
regarding the random error and multiple factors that influence reliability.
Design three diverse testing situations in terms of reliability
The reliable test is illustrating wire people can have the faith to determine the person
identically every moment. There are three vital kinds of reliability like test-retest reliability;
internal consistency; scorer reliability alongside agreement.
Discovery Testing
The primary principle is to establish boundaries for providing inputs as well as stresses
during the reliability test. This test is an extent towards each obtains with an identical score
over different administrations. Apart from that, the respective administer test has been done
for identical groups over two diverse occasions. It is suitable while examiners are not
permanently modified by taking an examination or providing a long time which helps to
prevent those practice effects(Astawa, Mantra and Widiastuti, 2017).
Life Testing
Life testing could occur while more than one stresses applied during the test. Generally, the
test has focused over one breakdown mechanism. This factor is highlighting extend towards
each score which identically relies ona similar value in terms of Reliability. This test can be
done in a single group for scrutinizing the overall score. This is applicable for homogenous
examination. It is also considered as a conventional method which is the split-half process.
Regulatory Testing
For reliability test, failing to assemble regulatory requirements could describe the defeat of
compliance from an individual. This is the other effective design of Reliability where the
overall amount of continuous performance can be identified among the scorer judgment. In
this case, more than two individual scores should be done in this identical test(Janssen et al.,
Hypothetical testing circumstances after analysis the random error which
serves lower towards reliability test
After observing the factors which are influenced during reliability test, several potential
resources are mentioned below which help to reduce the errors and develop the individual
scores like
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