Religions of the World.

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Religions of the WorldPart- 1
Annotated BibliographyWei, C. O. (2015).PHENOMENAL AND VIRTUAL VIEWS ON MUSIC RELATED TO BUDDHISM IN 21ST-CENTURY MALAYSIA(Doctoral dissertation, School of Graduate Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia).The researcher and author conducted qualitative research to gain significant knowledge about themusic of Buddhism region. With the help of this study, we can get significant information about the music of Buddhism. The research paper gives a thorough examination of Buddhism music which significantly helpful in makes assumptions and compares it with the music of other regions. After conducting the research, the researcher identified that Buddhism related music hardly constitutes significant typological criteria based on stylistic and sonic attributes. The findings of this paper can successfully utilize to compare Buddhism music with Hinduism music.Tingting, Y. A. N., & Juan, S. H. I. (2015). Conservatism and Evolution: Educational Continuation of Buddhist Music in the Luohan Temple of Chongqing City.Canadian Social Science,11(1), 104.Tingting research paper provides honest information on the evolution and conservatism of Buddhism music. In this paper, the author studied the historical information of Buddhism music of last 25 years. After conducted research, it found out the old version and new version of Buddhism music. Researcher finds out that education has played a decisive role in the music of Buddhism religion. With the help of this paper, we can significantly collect information about the evolution of Buddhism music which further helpful in comparing it with Hinduism music.

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