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Added on - 06 Oct 2021

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Judaism: Synagogue
How do people of Jewish faith perform their worship?
The Jews or the followers of the Judaism perform their worship according to their faith in
the Synagogues and are believers of monotheism and are one of three Abrahamic faiths. The
Jewish offers prayers thrice a day and an additional prayer is offered on the “Sabbath” day and
on holidays. TheShacharit,Mincha, andMa'arivbeing the regular prayers. The prayers are
offered in the wake of the day, after meals and mostly at the end of the day. The main prayer
consists of the Amidah or Shemoneh Esrei which is the main prayer of the Jewish Liturgy. The
other prayers are revolve around the central prayer. Generally the prayer services can be solitary,
but service gatherings are also common where in at least ten adult Jews can perform a service
prayer together (Heilman, 2017). The orthodox and conservationist Jews have recite in the
liturgical languages, whereas Reconstructionist Jews use translations and adaptation and equal
participation of men and women are encouraged. Mixed choirs and music is used during
How do their places of worship facilitate this worship?
Synagogues are prayer halls of Judaism and almost all have a similar structure with a
central prayer hall which hosts the services and the prayers. The typical Synagogue consists of a
dais like raised platform generally called the “Binnah” where the religious text or the ‘Torah’ is
read. The central hall also comprises of the Ark or a cabinet in which the sacred scrolls are kept.
The Ark is regarded as one of the most sacred artifact in a synagogue. The hall is graced by a
continuous burning lamp resembling the light of eternity, generally referred to as the eternal light
(Peters 2018). The lamp is a seven candle stand representing the Menorah which is believed to
be the replica of the Eternal Lamp of the Temple in Jerusalem. There is a pulpit for the musician
to stand or perform during the services.
What role does the place of worship play in wider society in addition to facilitating
religious gatherings?
Synagogues perform several services apart from religious worship and gatherings. They
serve as community halls, as kosher kitchen where religious regulations are followed in the
culinary. Some synagogues include a library or a day care centre and smaller chapel for regular
Christianity: Church
How do people of the Christian faith perform their worship?
The Christians are believed to be the followers of the Christ or Jesus of Nazareth, and are
one of the Abrahamic origins believing in monotheism. The worship is performed in Churches
that are large prayer halls offering mass service. The Christians offer prayer in the form of
communal services carried out on the seventh day or the day of the resurrection of the Christ.
There are varied forms of services among the various sects of the Christians, the Catholic or
orthodox Christians, the Protestants; and the Restorationists are the common sects apart from
several branches diverging from these. Several rituals are practiced which include reading from
the Old and the New Testaments given in the form of Sermons by a Father, or the spiritual head
of a church. Several prayers are offered in accordance with the importance to the religion. Most
common form of prayers is performed in the form of Thanksgiving, Confession of Sins and
intercession. The faith has ritualistic variations, and performs prayers according to their sects
(Peters 2018).
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