Is Parkinson Disease on the Rise, 2017?


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INTRODUCTION In recent times, Parkinson disease increases among the individuals with the very highpace. Statistics show that more than 10 million people worldwide are suffered from Parkinsondisease. Trends regarding such disease present that Parkinson disease increased in the past yearswith higher percentage among the men who over the age of 70 years (Is Parkinson’s Disease onthe Rise, 2017). Changes which take place in the environment and lifestyle of individuals is oneof the main reasons due to which level or ratio of Parkinson Disease increased over the timeframe. Hence, with the aim to reduce the level of such disease now government has also takeninitiatives by investing money in projects such as $250,000. Moreover, treatment of such diseaseis very costly and thereby impose financial burden on individual. The report is based on the casescenario of Diana who is suffering from the disease of Parkinson. Hence, report will shed lighton the symptoms which indicates that Diana is suffering from Parkinson disease. Further, it willdevelop understanding about Levett- Jones’ Clinical Reasoning cycle. By this, priorities ofnurses can be assessed towards such patients in the best possible way. MAIN BODY Stating Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms Parkinson disease may be defined as a chronic disease which implies for the movementdisorder. In such disease, situation of individual relation to the movements worsen over the timeframe. In this, nerve cells of the brain die which is recognized as neurons. Parkinson diseaseclosely influences neurons in the brain which is termed as substantia nigra. From assessment, ithas been identified that as Parkinson disease increases then dopamine produced decrease to thesignificant level. Hence, it can be stated that such disease and dopamine produced in the brainare negatively correlated or associated with each other. Due to the decrease in the amount ofdopamine individuals face difficulty in controlling their movements. Symptoms of Parkinsondisease are highly differ from one individual to another (Almeida, O. P. & et.al., 2016). Thus,main symptoms of Parkinson disease include tremor of hands, arms, legs and face. It entails thatwhen legs, hands and other body parts of individual shivers then there is a symptom ofParkinson. Further, bradykinesisa, rigidity and postural instability are the major symptoms thatgive clear indication regarding Parkinson disease.

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