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MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS 2In this assignment I work for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)was developed with the intention of meeting the financial needs of the consumers. HSBC hasmore than 4,400 offices globally and this is considered as the leading organization that isrespected due to its quality services. I will analyze the financial services that are offered by thecompany include commercial banking, investment banking and market personal financialservices. So I have many clients with different structures and type of companies. In this report,the highlight is on different types of organizations that work with the company and demonstratethe various functions within an organization and its link to the organization structure. Depending on the nature of organization that is operating in the sector, HSBC can gainclients from either primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. For primary sector, it involvesacquisition of raw materials, and this is normally evident in the sole proprietorship andpartnership form of organizations. Secondary sectors involve the organizations that are involvedin manufacturing processes. This largely entails sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations andlimited companies, and HSBC can target such clients in increasing their customer base. Thetertiary sectors involve commercial services that are developed in supporting the businessoperation. It includes organizations such as the corporations and limited companies (Warner andWitzel, 2004). Types of OrganizationsAccording to March (2013), there are four distinct types of organizations: soleproprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited company. The analysis for the four types oforganization is given as:
MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS 3For sole proprietorship, it is one of the easiest forms of organizations to be established byHSBC clients. The advantages of this type of organization are numerous. The owner of thebusiness has full control over the operations, and can easily manage the time for conductingoperations. The decision making process is fast, and the owner can divest the revenue outlaywithout being involved in lengthy altercations regarding the use of the revenues. However, there are also disadvantages and one of which is the unlimited liability.Liability is the obligations that the business or entity owes suppliers and creditors. For sole

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