Report On Disneyland - Motivation, Factor To Improve Performance

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Report On Disneyland - Motivation, Factor To Improve Performance

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INTRODUCTIONMotivation is the key factor to improve performance of employees and their workquality as well. Managers and leaders are responsible to motivate their subordinates in orderto boost up their confidence and enhance their skills. They have to provide bonus, rewardsand some attractive benefits to them for motivates them towards work. The present report isbased on Disneyland which is incorporated by Walt and Mike. Its like a park in which mostof the families spend wonderful time and get some special experience from them. In whichfamilies got discounted tickets and spend time with toys for children(Schein2010). ASSIGNMENT1. How Disney motivates their employees.Disney use attractive ideas to motivates their employees and get their presence aswell. Disneyland is an largest park which consists various of games and toys for children. Inwhich large number of families are spend time and through company earn better profitmargin from them. In this organization seven members are working who are employees. Waltuse various types of special techniques in order to motivate those seven people and improvetheir as well. Walt is the person who incorporate Disneyland. At Christmas he deliver best presentto each seven people and try to boost up their confidence towards company. He deliverMickey mouse standing with an envelope inside in were 100 shares of Disney stock and ahand written note. In that note Walt written some inspirational lines to them. Further, they useunique style to motivate their subordinates and try to improve their performance as well. Waltand Mike also take decision after discuss matter with other members. They provides anopportunities to them to increase communication skills and receive some creatives ideas fromthem. With the attractive gift all seven members are get motivated and use their collectiveefforts to attain corporate task in a timely and efficient manner. Disney is an internationalorganization which provide various types of games and toys for children. This company ismost attract large number of families and children in order to earn more profits and improvetheir revenues as well(Northouse2012). Also few days later Walt offer attractive benefits to each seven members in order tomotivate them. This company motivate their employees when they perform best and use
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collective strengths for attain long term as well short term goals. Doorbells rand at the homesof each seven members and again these is an Mickey mouse with an envelope in hand andkey of Ferrari car in order to motivates them(Selznick, 2011). They offer brand new Ferrari totheir employees and try to improve their work quality. Walt use various types of strategiesand plans in order to motivate their employees are as follows:Offer special benefits to them- Higher authorities are use appropriate skills andprovide best attractive benefits to them. Like Walt offer 100 shares of Disney's stock and alsoprovide brand new red Ferrari to all seven members. Workers try to use their collectiveefforts and try to attain corporate goals and objectives. Motivated employees are helpful forcompanies to meet their set of target in timely and effective manner. Walt motivates theirteam members not only the way of deliver benefits to them but also encourage them by wordsand verbally try to encourage them in order to improve their performance and work quality aswell. Provide opportunities to take a part in decision making- Disney company provide anopportunity to their employees to participate in the decision making programme of companythrough communicate with other members. Employees are able to share their views and ideaswith other Walt and other members and try to increase interaction with them. Through thisstep they get motivated and complete their task effectively(Raelin, 2011). Proper working environment- Disney offer proper working environment to theiremployees in which they can easily spend time and manage their work as well. In thiseffective working environment workers can bale to improve their performance and workquality as well. In this situation people can attain their target and try put company in theprofitable position. 2. Disney CEO leadership style.In organisations, the role of leaders are very big because leaders help,lead and advicetheir team members and also motivate them. Different leadership styles require in differentsituations. In Disney , company's CEO Mike and Walt motivate their employees by givingthem gifts and they work in a team and they talk with the team members and they involvesthem in decision making process . From this, the morale of the team members increases andthe productivity of this organisation also increases and achieves the specified goals easily.
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