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2ActivitiesActivity 1A1.It has been observed that there is some of the information that can be considered with regardsto the employee turnover. The three types of main information are as follows: The employers must be aware that there is voluntary and involuntary turnover and they must keep this as information. The second information is there is undesirable as well as desirable turnover and the undesirable one is when a firm tends to lose high performing as well as otherwise employees who are valuable. Furthermore, the desirable is the state when a firm loses the underperforming workers. The third information is a company must know to calculate the employee turnover in a proper manner such as the information regarding the following is required: the number of employees with which the firm has started with, the number of workers that have already left and the number of workers that the company has ended with. 2.It can be said that there are some of the aspects of the employee demographics that must be considered during the employee turnover. The five of such demographic factors are as follows: Tenure- It is observed that one of the most interesting factors of the tenure is the length of employment in the company has a positive correlation with the turnover of the workers. For instance, if an employee’s previous record of staying in a company is good then they are quite likely to stay in a firm for a long time. On the other hand, if the previous record of an

3employee is bad regarding being loyal towards a company then it is quite likely they will be leaving the new firm within sometime. Educational qualifications- The lower the qualification of an employee higher a company has the possibility leaving the firm. On the other hand, if an employee has good educational qualification then they will be loyal to an organization provided that he is getting proper treatment from the firm. Age- It is one of the major determinants of the turnover analysis. It has been predicted that anaverage worker can switch upto 12 jobs till the age of 40. The above-mentioned factors clearly highlight the fact that the demographic factors have important relationship with the turnover frequency. Activity 2B1.It has been observed that there are some of the factors that tend to directly affect the workforce supply to a great extent. The following are some of the major factors:Participation rate as workforce- In general the number of employees are basically based entirely on the population. How much percentage does really work? It depends on the individuals. However, it mainly depends on the individuals within the age of 14 to 60 years approximately which is entirely based on the population ratio. How much percentage does really work? It depends on the individuals. However, it mainly depends on the individuals within the age of 14 to 60 years approximately which is entirely based on the population ratioIntensity of the work or even the speed- the quality of labour is mainly controlled by the speed. It can be said that an employee who works at a double speed completes the supply of

4the other workforce. However, throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that this particular speed depends on different factors. Health, education, climate as well as others put a direct impact on the tendency of the work. The speed can be altered knowingly. Skill of the work or efficiency- It can be said that the skills is connected with the kind of work that how much of wastage has already happened, how many accidents took place as well as other factors that are considered for knowing the work related efficiency. Competition for the talent within the entire industry- It is quite evident that if the competition is quite tough then it will be quite difficult for tapping the supply as well as the cost of the extra workers will also become quite high. Furthermore, if the need for a specific talent is notquite high then the supply is quite likely to remain flexible in nature. Population movement trends- The changes in the demography are quite likely to affect the workforce supply. For instance, if there is a tendency of the individuals in terms of moving from the rural areas to the urban areas then the supply with regards to the rural sector will be less. In a same manner the new immigrants who arrived from the outside will have the tendency of for settling down in the cities; hence it will be enhancing the supply in the areas that are urban. Changes in the technology- The technological changes is one of the main factors that effect. There is a fear regarding the automation as well as the impact of the technology on the jobs asthe innovations have holds the potential for altering the environment. Unemployment rates- The unemployment of an economy is quite likely to have an effect on the supply of the workforce. For instance- If a country’s unemployment rate is high then the supply of the labour may be high and vice-versa.

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